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It Sure Resembles the Lenovo Smart Clock is Launching Soon

The $80 brilliant display just got one step nearer to being released. Back at CES 2019, Lenovo reported the Smart Clock — a very modest smart display with a 4-inch screen intended to be the ideal modern alarm clock. After months of not hearing a word from Lenovo, it would appear that the company is at long last getting ready to launch the device.

 Lenovo Smart Clock

On the off chance that you take a look at the authority official Lenovo Forums, you’ll see that it’s been refreshed with much more information regards to the Smart Clock. A portion of this incorporates a FAQ section, user guide, and a spec sheet.

While the updated forums don’t give a particular launch date, it is a major indication that Lenovo’s getting things set up for when it does hit store racks. On a similar note, Lenovo as of late told Droid Life that the Smart Clock would be launching “in the next few weeks.

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I personally think the Google Nest Hub already makes for an extraordinary nightstand display, however, I do see the appeal of a much smaller structure factor. On the off chance that you know you want a brilliant display yet just plan on using it for fundamental things like setting alarms, getting some information about the weather, and checking your schedule, this appears to be a truly strong choice.

When you can at last buy the Lenovo Smart Clock (which we’re speculating will be real soon), it’ll only set you back $80.