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How to Fix iTunes Error 0xe8000015 on Windows PC/MacBook

iOS connectivity issues are the evergreen problem for iPhone users. As we know the iPhone Connectivity game is poor from the begining. The iOS developers have named this thing security and privacy concerns. Therefore iOS can never be a user-friendly operating system. If we see Android than they have multiple options for connectivity between smartphones and computers. While iOS only offers iTunes or unofficially Cydia alike tools. It is so common that you try to connect iPhone with iTunes on Windows and Mac and error occurred.

fix iTunes Error 0xe8000015

The most common errors are Security Software Errors, and USB Connection Errors, invalid response Errors, Communication Errors, etc. The iTunes error 0xe8000015 error arises when we try to connect the iPhone with a computer. According to Apple Philosophy, the 0xE error or random unknown error arises, when we intend to connect iDevice with iTunes on the laptop. Many users have reported this error in the past. And, they are still complaining about the present. So Atechguides has decided to bring remedies that can enable iPhone users to get rid of 0xe8000015 error.

How to Fix iTunes Error 0xe8000015:

We have explained all the solution below. Try these solutions one by one. If each failed to solve error Error 0xe8000015, move to the next. Hopefully, you don’t need to contact Apple Support or the nearest store to fix this problem. First of all, you need to ensure the following things or OK or not.

  • Check your internet connection: Try to use other apps that run on the internet either they are working or not.
  • It is necessary to tap on the Trust option when iPhone Trust this Computer pop-up will ask you.
  • Make sure you are using Original USB Cable because copies don’t establish a stable connection.
  • Your iPhone USB port should be working, check the port by charging your iPhone.
  • Laptop USB Port must be working.
  • If there’s any other USB device attached to the computer remove it except USB Mouse.

If all things are OK and you are still facing the issue then start to follow these solutions one by one.

Soft Reset iPhone:

It is the general solution that is applicable to all Software related problems. Soft Reset restarts the iPhone and closes the background running apps.

  1. Press and hold the power button.
  2. Drag the slider to the right slide to turn off the phone.
  3. Wait for 20 to 30 seconds.
  4. Turn on your iPhone again and try to connect the iPhone with the computer again.

If the issue is still present then follow the next remedy.

Update iOS:

Apple launches the iOS update regularly which contains the major and minor fixes. Maybe the iOS latest update is pending and you are unaware of it. Check the update from the settings.

Open iPhone “Settings” >> General Settings” >> “Software Update”. If there is any update available you need to download it by tapping on the button.

But, if your device is already updated to the latest iOS version and still the iTunes Error 0xe8000015 is arising? Then keep following the guided solutions.

Check Storage:

You need to clean the background apps, junk files on iPhone regularly. Especially when the RAM is consumed upto maximum than the iPhone creates many issues like Error 0xe8000015. Maybe your storage or memory is full that’s why you are unable to connect iPhone with iTunes on the computer.

  • Check the storage from the settings.
  • Clear the junk files and caches.
  • Close all the apps which are running in the background.

After all that try again to connect the phone with the computer. Hopefully this time your issue will be solved. But, if the bone is still in the throat than try the next solution.

Update iTunes, USB Drivers, Windows or Mac OS:

Maybe the issue is of your PC. The first check is there any new update on your Windows or Mac PC. May there is a driver update that can fix the iTunes Error 0xe8000015. Update option on Windows or Mac is located in their settings. If you are updated to the latest version already then try to use another Laptop. If you are still facing iTunes Error 0xe8000015 than it means the issue is with your iPhone or iDevice.

Just for confirmation check if there is any new iTunes update or not. If yes! then update it quickly. If not! then follow the last method below. Also, check USB drivers before leaving towards the next solution.

Factory Reset iPhone or another iDevice:

It is the ultimate solution to any OS problem. Approximately all OS has the final solution known as Factory Reset. It restores the device back to the factory condition. All of your data will be erased in it and the iPhone inner gets back to zero condition. Before trying this solution we recommend uploading your data on iCloud. So that your data will remain safe and secure for the future. To Factory Reset iPhone follow these steps.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone or another iDevice.
  • Tap on the General Option.
  • Locate the Reset option, usually present at the bottom. Tap on Reset.
  • Choose Erase all Content and Settings. Now wait for a while, iOS will take time to delete all of your data and settings.

After successful operation turns on your iPhone again. Enter the Apple account which you were using before. Once the home screen appears to connect iPhone with iTunes on the computer again. There are 99% chances than iTunes Error 0xe8000015 will be fixed now. Because there is nothing more you can do at your own. If unfortunately, you are in the rest of 1% then the only option left for you is written below in conclusion.


If all of the solutions got failed to fix iTunes Error 0xe8000015 on Windows or Mac than contact Apple Support. Or visit the nearest Apple Store to your Area. Their OS experts will guide you in a better way.

iPhone manufacturers should consider the latest trend of technology, not development vice but on restrictions. They should allow the direct connection of the iPhone with another device without any middle source.