JioTV Web Version on Laptop or PC

JioTV is a very popular app that helps all Jio customers to watch their favorite TV channels on the move. The JioTV app can be installed on tablets, smartphones and can be watched on the go. Recently the web version of JioTV is finally launched for PC and laptop.

If you are one of those who owned a Jio sim or ever used Jio network, you must have used or at least heard about the JioTV app. The app is free to use App by Jio which lets its users watch Live TV on their device with the availability of more than 500 channels and 65HD channels.

JioTV also allows to watch various catch-up content and the user can also pause Live TV. JioTV has a huge number of the fan base and there was high demand for JioTV web version because if JioTV started working on laptops and computers, everyone could watch their favorite content on a bigger screen.

Jio listened to customer feedback and recently successfully launched JioTV Web which can be viewed from any computer or laptop by using a browser and even on smartphones and for that there is no need to download the app.

Now JioTV is available on three platforms, Android, iOS, and JioTV web version.

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JioTV Web Version on Laptop or PC


JioTV responded to this great request for the web version of the content delivering platform and Jio released a website to watch the Live TV directly on your computer PC or Laptop.

It is surely a one-stop destination if you want to watch Indian programs.

You will definitely enjoy the live TV on your computer or laptop without any difficulty just by using a web version of JioTV on your PC.

The users can also watch live tv with ease on their mobile devices thus removing the hassle of downloading the app to watch the content.

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Features of JioTV Web

Before heading towards the download process of Jio TV web version you just know about the features of it. below you can find the main features of JioTV web version.

  • Pause and Play Live TV Channels with ease
  • Catch Up content on selected TV channels
  • Quick TV Guide, Language and Genre filters for Channels
  • Select from Business news, Entertainment, Devotional, Infotainment, Music, Kids, Lifestyle, Movies, News & Sports categories
  • Can be used on Laptop, Computer PC or Mobile
  • User-Friendly Design and fast loading
  • Video Quality control
  • Can work on your 3G, broadband data, 4G or Wi-Fi network
  • Watch more than channels with the option to pause Live TV
  • User-friendly UI
  • Works on almost any connection with >1Mbps speed
  • You can watch JioTV web version on any network

To access the shows and other various content from your browser just read below.

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How to Use JioTV Web Version on Laptop or PC


Follow the below-mentioned steps to use JioTV Web.

  1. Go to through your browser.
  2. If you have a Jio account, you will have to log in to you Jio account with your mobile number and password.
  3. You have a Jio sim but you don’t have a Jio account then you need to create a new account by verifying your mobile number using OTP and for that click on sign up.
  4. If you don’t have a Jio sim, you can ask a friend or relative for their Jio account credentials to use JioTV.

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Unfortunately, the official website of JioTV is shut down for the past few months due to some technical litigations. After the relaunch of the website, you can try the above method enjoys watching your favorite movies and channels on the JioTV web version.

You can try the below method to watch Jio TV web version on PC. In that case, you can find alternative ways to watch the JioTV content on PC.

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The alternative method to watch Jio TV Web Version

We recently published a post in which we have shared with you how you can watch JioTV on your computer. We discussed several methods. You can visit the below-mentioned link to read the complete article and find out the possibility that can help you to JioTV content on PC.

How To Run JioTV on Your Laptop or PC

Frequently Asked Question on JioTV Web?

Q # 1. Can I watch the JioTV without the Jio Internet?

Yes, For sure. But you will require to log in with your Jio ID and Password. But you can watch Live TV using available internet network without any hassle.

Q # 2. Does JioTV Website Work on 3G Network?

Yes, you can watch your favorite channels on 3G, 4G or any broadband network. You don’t have to be on a Jio network, contrary to the limitation of its mobile app.

Q # 3. Can I Watch the Catch-up Content?

Yes but the availability of catch-up content is limited to few channels at this time and may increase in future.

Q # 4. Can I watch Star Channels on Live TV?

No, because Star Hosts all its programming on Hotstar as the channels of Star Network are not available on JioTV for Computer PC Browser.

Q # 5. Can it run it on Low-end Browsers?

Yes, surprisingly the app works on low-end browsers without any issues.


Wrapping Up

Finally, JioTV has launched its web version after so many requests from users. Now they can easily watch live TV channels online through the browser without much buffer or loading on 3G or 4G network.

That’s it for today. If there is any query feel free to mention that in the comment section.

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