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9 Best Local WiFi Multiplayer Games For Android

Android games have grown, with devices featuring high-performance processors and excellent GPUs. I mean, there are some fantastic games available for Android in the Play Store and although the single player campaign modes are huge fun to play, what’s even more amazing is the multiplayer game.

With your friends or against the world, multiplayer games offer you much better gaming experience. As there are so many options to choose from, which game should you and your friends play? Well, don’t worry, we’re here to help you out. We have prepared an amazing list of multiplayer games that you can play with anyone you want.

Playing video games with other people is the best way to play video games. You can share emotions, challenge your friends and have fun together. Social gaming is relatively easy on Android. There are two types of local multiplayer games.

The first concerns WiFi. The game usually takes place online, but you can play in the same house through the same WiFi network. It is also multiplayer via Bluetooth. This allows you to play with people who are very close without the need to access the Internet or WiFi.

However, the true offline multiplayer mode allows players to play on the same device. It’s a relatively small market and good games are a bit hard to find. However, there are many good game options out there.

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How to Play Multiplayer Games Offline via Local WiFi

Playing online video games is the best way to play enjoy your time. You have an option to play with people from all over the world at almost any time of the day. However, not everyone has a solid Internet connection all the time and sometimes you want to play with people who sit next to you instead of people residing in another country.

If this sounds like something you are looking for, here are the 9 best Android games that support local games without a connection via the wireless / WiFi network.

You can play these games with your friend’s offline connection over local wifi.

  1. All players who want to play in multiplayer must have the same version of that game installed on their phone.
  2. First, all players must connect to the same WiFi connection or simply create a WiFi hotspot on a phone and connect them to everyone (Internet is not required)
  3. At this point, the game starts and selects the local WiFi mode
  4. One of the players must create space and another must join.
  5. That’s all. You’re good to go.

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9 Best Local Wi-Fi Multiplayer Games For Android

multiplayer games for android

Android has become the best gaming platform and for that thanks to the availability of so many different types of games that users can easily install and play with flexibility. With the growing public interest in multiplayer games, developers are creating more and more types of games of this type, but so far multiplayer games were subject to the restriction that these could only be played if there was an Internet connection means these were only online multiplayer games.

Now, after launching the offline multiplayer gaming technology (using Wi-Fi hotspots from added devices), so many games have been created and launched in this category that is also available in the Play store for Android. Now to decide on the quality of the game only from the game’s thumbnails is not very easy and even on this basis, nothing can be guessed about the game. However, when you go to the Play Store or any other app store, chances are you’ll see so many games included in the same category and type, so it’s very difficult to choose the best one.

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Here, in this article, we have listed the 9 Best Local WiFi Multiplayer Games For Android, with the hope that you don’t have to look for the best game you would like to play for a long time. Just go and check out these games as listed below.

1. BombSquad


Why play alone in a corner when you can be together with 8 players connected in a local or network connection? BombSquad is an amazing adventure game with ragdoll physics to practice all kinds of sports ranging from flag capture to hockey.

You can challenge your teammates or join the team to defeat the computer in a variety of mini-games. You can also create your avatar, put them in a race or even play soccer, as you try to pilot other players with the random bombs that appear on the map.

Features of BombSquad:

  • Up to 8 players to share a device or play over the network
  • Supports gamepads, touchscreens, and even phones as controllers
  • Various mini-games and play modes
  • Customize characters, a variety of mini-games, and even the soundtrack

Download BombSquad from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay net.froemling.bombsquad]

2. Crossy Road

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is one of the most famous local multiplayer games in history. The gameplay is quite similar to that of Frogger. Cross a chicken through traffic, through waterways and other places, avoiding obstacles.

The game also has a controller and Android TV support and compatibility with several local players. Each player needs to have their own device, which can connect to a WiFi network and pair up and compete with their friends.

If you are bored then you must install this game and enjoy a short fun time. In this game, you have to overcome various obstacles, cross traffic, over rivers and avoid being killed. This game can be considered as a local multiplayer because every friend can connect and play with their device.

Features of Crossy Road:

  • Play Crossy Road on your big screen through Android TV
  • Collect more than 150 retro-styled, pop art inspired characters
  • Crossroads, train tracks, and even rivers
  • Avoid traffic in a candy wonderland with the Android Robot
  • Simple, pure, and innovative gameplay
  • Free to play

Download Crossy Road from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay com.yodo1.crossyroad]

3. Glow Hockey 2

Glow Hockey 2

Remember the old days when the best place to hang out with your friends was the air hockey table in the local game room? You may have passed it, but Glow Hockey 2 brings the same exciting fun to the table, and you’ll always be asked for another game.

User can play the multiplayer mode in two separate devices or even in one (ideal for tablet), with a variety of color themes and fluid gameplay almost equal to the real one.

Features of Glow Hockey 2:

  • Multiplayer – 2-player mode (on the same device)
  • 3 themes
  • Colorful glow graphics
  • Smooth and responsive gameplay
  • Realistic physics
  • Quick play mode, challenge yourself with 4 difficulty levels
  • 4 selectable paddles and pucks
  • Vibrate when goal
  • Support almost all Android devices

Download Glow Hockey 2 from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay com.natenai.glowhockey2]

4. Minecraft


Minecraft is one of the most famous local multiplayer games in history, on any platform. You already know how Minecraft works. Grow in a world and do all kinds of things there.

The game has a single player as well as multiplayer options. Players will have to create their own servers where even friends can play. Also, they can buy a Microsoft server and play it all there.

It also has cross-platform support with the Windows and Xbox versions of the game. We love it. This is easily one of the best local multiplayer games because you can play whole worlds in different game sessions and trust me you will not get bored.

Features of Minecraft:

  • Create, explore and survive alone or even with friends
  • Get unique maps and skins
  • Get texture packs from your favorite creators
  • Slash commands
  • Play with up to maximum 10 friends cross-platform, anytime, anywhere on Realms
  • Play with up to maximum 4 friends with a free Xbox Live account online

Download Minecraft from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay com.mojang.minecraftpe]

5. DUAL!


Games like Tetris have shown that you don’t need high-quality graphics to have fun, and DUAL! It was created following the same lines. Created exclusively for social players who want to experience local off-line gaming, their job is to throw the ball from the screen of their phone to their opponents and defend your territory.

As one of the few free games that won’t bombard you with ads, this game needs to tilt your phone to dodge bullets and shoot your friends on the other screen. But not only are you against them, but you also have to work together on the two screens of the device to defend yourself from the other attackers.

Features of DUAL!:

  • The local battle over WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Tilt your phone, avoid bullets, charge, and shoot your friends in the classic duel standoff
  • Work together to defend from an onslaught of attackers
  • Score goals by blasting, banking, and curving
  • Only one person needs to have a full version unlocked to play DEFEND and DEFLECT with another player
  • Collectible color sets unique to your device
  • One-time in-app purchase
  • Stats, achievements, and leaderboards

Download DUAL! from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay com.Seabaa.Dual]



A game title that is often among the best multiplayer games of all time, BADLAND is an action game of side-scrolling that develops in a world of its own. Your need to control one of the creatures that inhibit a mystical land and guide it through a number of scenarios that include obstacles and traps of different kinds.

With multiplayer and cooperative modes to enjoy the game, you can tag up to 4 players to tackle an adventure of over 20 levels. In addition to these, you can even create your own levels and challenge your friends in real time to compete against the clock.

Features of BADLAND:

  • Single player campaign with 100 unique levels and more coming in updates
  • Multiplayer mode for up to 4 players on the same device in 23 levels
  • Cooperative mode for up to four players
  • Create levels, share and play
  • New levels to play all the time
  • Intuitive one-touch controls which are combined with innovative level design
  • Game controller support
  • The impressive audio-visual gaming experience
  • Designed for Android phones, tablets as well as Android TV
  • Advanced levels and more content coming in updates

Download BADLAND from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay com.frogmind.badland]

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7. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne

One of the most known and popular racing games on Android. Asphalt 8: Airborne also has local multiplayer support via WiFi. The game has a lot of content. This includes a massive campaign mode with various races and challenges.

There is a multiplayer online mode with random strangers along with the local multiplayer mode mentioned above. Plus, get lots of weekly and monthly events, tons of unlocking machines and much more.

Feature of Asphalt 8: Airborne:

  • Over 220 high-performance cars and bikes that you can choose to drive
  • High-fidelity motor sounds for realistic audio immersion
  • Customize and upgrade your rides with more than 2,300 decals
  • More than 40 high-speed tracks in 16 different settings
  • Stunning visuals

Download Asphalt 8: Airborne game from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftA8HM&hl=en&gl=us]

8. Bounden


A unique game of its kind, Bounden is a mix of Twister and ballet. You need to use the phone as a guide to dance or get caught up with another person.

All you have to do is pick up the phone, ask someone else to put your thumb on and move at the same time to dance together.

Features of Bounden:

  • A mix of Twister and ballet
  • 8 dances
  • Classical music by Bart Delissen
  • Tutorial video’s with professional ballet dancers

Download Bounden from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay com.GameOven.Bounden]

9. Badminton League

Badminton League

Many of us have played badminton at least once in our lives. Badminton League brings the same competitive sport to your smartphone with great physics in the game. The best controls are easy to hang and to master in no time.

You can play against your friends through a local access point in a 1 to 1 game mode. The game is quite fun and addictive as the graphics are also good. You can also buy fantastic rackets and clothes.

Features of Badminton League:

  • Availability of Multiple game modes; play with sports fans in local
  • Create your own character and level up
  • Easy to control, challenging to win
  • The simple and elegant UI design
  • Cool stunts and realistic hitting shuttlecock experience
  • Numerous badminton outfits

Download Badminton League from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay badminton.king.sportsgame.smash]

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Wrapping Up

That was the list of 9 Best Local Wi-Fi Multiplayer Games for Android. These games are the best offline multiplayer games that you could probably find till the date and we assure you that the games that we have listed above will surely make you enjoy and you won’t feel like bored with your friends while playing these multiplayer games.

Just go and install these on your Android now only to start playing these games. I hope the article helps you to find the best action game that you can play on Android. If you have any suggestion feel free to mention that in the comment section.

Till then enjoy a new gaming experience with the help of above-mentioned games as we will be back soon with another interesting topic to share with you.

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