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MagSafe Charger With Magnetic, Glowing Cable for Just $8-Charging to Your iPhone, Android and Mac Book

Apple’s own MagSafe may have gone the way of the dodo but we still love it. we love MagSafe so much that we wish it was still available on everything, including our phones.89944A72-8AF4-41BA-88D8-2CE8E6313931-768x410

If you agree with this statement, then you might be interested in this MagSafe-style magnetic charging cable. It is a super awesome charger cable and acts just like a MagSafe connector from the golden days of the Mac. It consists of a cable, and a connector with USB-C, Lightning, and Micro-USB available to choose from.

The connector goes into the phone and stays there, and then the magnetic charger connects to the connector, magnetically. There is a glowing LED at the end of the cable that makes it stand out from the rest.

Features of the cable:

  • USB-C, Micro USB or Lightning connector available for Android, iPhone, iPad, and even MacBook devices.
  • The connector attaches magnetically to cable for charging just like MagSafe-style.
  • Strong magnets attach to your phone for a solid charging experience.
  • Nylon-braided cable is extreme durability.
  • Cable supports charging devices only.multiple-connectors-02

If you want to choose your own connector option which suits your phone well, now you can get a super awesome deal. If you order all three connectors from CHYTAH, each connector comes with a cable and you will get them for a total of $24, or just $8 each. This is a special offer valid till the end of this March only.magsafe-style-cable-for-iphone-02

It’s a great offer and if you need charging cables and you don’t want boring non-magnetic cable than this is a great alternative too. Make sure to add these to your shopping list if you’re on the lookout for new cables.

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The original price of these cables are $34.95 but from this deal, you can buy it in just $8 and get all discount.