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Microsoft Announces Visual Studio Online For Web-Based Code Editing

Microsoft’s Build 2019 developer meeting is in progress at this moment, and we’ve just been treated to receive some new tidbits, services, and more. One of those is the restoration of the Visual Studio Online name.


Visual Studio Online was rebranded back in 2015 and it has changed different occasions from the point forward. In any case, after the present declaration, Visual Studio Online is back and this time, it is actually what that name makes it seems like it should be.

That implies that with Visual Studio Online, developers will most likely work on, and after that alter, code from any device so long as it is associated with the internet and is using a modern web browser. The service will be a sidekick to both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, and it guarantees to be a remarkable expansion to those two apps.

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Developers are exceedingly opinionated about their editor and ordinarily, spend countless hours altering them. As a result, you’d want remote improvement and collaboration capabilities straightforwardly inside your current tools, where you invest the bulk of your time working. Be that as it may, in certain situations, it can really be progressively helpful to perform a task in the browser, for example, influencing a quick alter, reviewing a PR, or joining a teammate’s Live Share session. To address this, we’re eager to share an early take a look at Visual Studio Online, another web-based companion editor that compliments the Visual Studio family, and guarantees you can work adequately from any device.

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Visual Studio Online isn’t exactly prepared for prime time, so we’ll need to wait a short time before we can all take it for a turn. Up to that point, those sufficiently fortunate to be part of the private preview will probably put it through its paces and ideally iron out any wrinkles before we get our hands on it.