Most Recent Android Q Beta Includes Car Crash Detection

It’s unclear precisely how Google sees this feature functioning without making an error, however, it could help spare lives whether they hit the nail on the head. It’s additionally going to be Pixel-exclusive. The next version of Android Q is at present being developed with standard beta releases showing up for early adopters. The most recent beta release has revealed an intriguing new feature with regards to the type of car crash detection by your smartphone.


As XDA Developers reports, Android Q Beta 3 was launched amid the Google I/O 2019 occasion a week ago. From that point forward, the code has been delved into to perceive what’s going on, and one feature that’s being tried appears as an app called “Safety Hub.”

Further examination reveals Google is endeavoring to get Android devices to distinguish when a car crash has happened, it’s likewise set to be a Pixel exclusive feature in the event that it makes it out of beta. This is affirmed by the Manifest presentation for the app, which incorporates “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE” in the Android name field.

What’s hazy currently is the means by which Google is getting a smartphone to explicitly detect a car crash has happened. What blends of sensor data could detect such a situation with 100% accuracy? I’d surmise Android Q could without much stretch tell when you are going in a vehicle dependent on GPS data and speed. It could likewise easily detect an effect, or abrupt stop, or strange movement, for example, the phone is flipped. Bringing all of that might be enough to expertly identify an accident.

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The other inquiry to ask is, what’s the point of Safety Hub? On the off chance that Google can certainly detect a car crash, the app could be coordinated to contact the emergency services automatically. In turn, Safety Hub would respond quicker than anybody in the accident just as those who come to their guide. In other words, if Google gets this right, it could spare lives.