5 Best Music Player Apps for Android

Nowadays in most of the mobiles, Google or Apple music player is used as a default music player. But the default music players don’t have enough functions. For example, Google music players can play songs from our collection but streaming is not available in this music player. Other than this it also lacks features of folder view, editing of tags for files, etc.

Due to this, music player apps have become very common. These apps are feature-rich. We will also discuss 5 Best Music Player Apps for Android. The use of these apps will make your listening experience more pleasurable.

5 Best Music Player Apps for Android

In this post, we will discuss some best music app players for android users. These apps will be containing more functions than the default apps. These music player apps are:


Ratings: 4.7

Musicolet is a music player app with multiple features available free on Google play store. The best thing about this app is that you can control your music player through your earphones. By clicking once, you can play/pause the track, double click will take you to the next track. Similarly for going back to the previous track, you will click thrice. Along with an attractive GUI, this app has easy access to tabs for folders, albums, artists, and playlists.

Music Player Apps for Android

The app has a tag editor which can edit tags and album arts of multiple songs at the same time. Another important feature of this app is a sleep timer. With the help of this feature, you can set time or number of songs after which the music player will automatically turn off. It also has a powerful equalizer. These features make it one of the best apps.

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Phonograph Music Player

Ratings: 4.1

The phonograph is another music player app. It has a very clean interface. You can customize the player according to your wish with its built-in theme engine. The app not only looks good but it also has some fantastic features. For instance, the app automatically downloads the missing information of your media.

Music Player Apps for Android

This app provides the facility of tag editor with which you can edit tags of multiple songs at once. The UI changes color dynamically according to the main color of the content. It also has a function of the sleep timer. Phonograph Music Player is a worth trying music player especially for those who want to listen to music without any interruption. It is available free on the Google play store.

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Ratings: 4.6

AIMP is also a music player app available free on the Google play store. It a very simple app to use along with its simple UI. The unique feature of this app is that it has HTTP live streaming. Other than this it also provides features of sleep timer, equalization, playback speed control, and volume normalization. This app supports most of the file types. The desktop version of this app is also available.

Music Player Apps for Android

Other than this it also gives details of songs like singer, genre, composer, year, file type, storage location, etc. You can also set playing track as your ringtone. The app can also control playback via headset. It is not the best app but much better than many apps.

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BlackPlayer EX Music Player 

Ratings: 4.4

BlackPlayer EX Music Player is a music player app with one of the most customizable interface. You can completely control its interface through swipes and gestures. The font and color of UI can be changed. Another excellent thing about this free app is that it has no ads. This app is considered as the most elegant music player app available free on Google play store.

Music Player Apps for Android

It also contains different features like sleep timer, widgets, ID3 tag editor, playbacks with no gaps, and changeable themes. Most played tracks of the week and month can be traced through this music player app.

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Ratings: 4.5

The unique feature of MediaMonkey is that it can sync your music library from your computer to your phone through wifi. You can browse its library with respect to audiobooks, podcasts, artists, tracks, genres, etc. Other than this, the search algorithm of this music player is very fast The app is comparatively complex to use.

Music Player Apps for Android

This app can download missing album art and lyrics. It also has common features such as sleep timer, tag editor, widgets, etc. Along with this, it can also bookmark large files of audios and videos. Seeing its features, it will not be wrong to say that it has the most features in discussed music player apps. The app is available free on google play store.

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So these are 5 Best Music Player Apps for Android. There are many other music player apps available on Google play store. But we tried to select the best of them. We hope you will be able to enjoy your music with these apps.