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Top 7 New and Free Apps for iPhone in December 2019

Last month of the year, December is here. Rather a few days left at the start of the new year. Christmas is also approaching. This month always comes with a lot of holidays. Along with this, Apple has also introduced some New and Free Apps for iPhone in December 2019.

In holidays there will be a lot of free time for you to check and use new apps. We will share a few of the apps for iPhone users. Your holidays will become more interesting. It will make easy for you to use maximum apps in these holidays.

Top 7 New and Free Apps for iPhone in December 2019

In this post, we will discuss some new iPhone apps for this month. These apps will be useful for your iPhones. Users will love these fantastic apps for sure. These apps are as follow:


Ratings: 4.9

As it is said that health always comes first, we will also start with a meditation app. Mediatopia is a meditation app available on the Apple store for iPhones and iPads. This app has more than 1000 guided meditations in 9 languages. Topics of meditation include anxiety, stress, compassion, gratitude, anger, focus, etc. Other than this, Mediatopia also provides bedtime stories and sleep meditations. There are many other features that make this app unique from others.

New and Free Apps for iPhone

Starting from its function of note-taking, you can note down meditations for yourself. Every day a new topic is selected for meditation. It also syncs with Apple Health. The app also supports the dark mode of an iPhone. Reading in this mode becomes more comforting for the readers.

Download Mediatopia

HDR Plus +

We all know that the camera has become an essential part of our life. Especially, a mobile camera which is always with us. For this reason, nowadays manufacturers are also having the main focus on camera upgradations. But still, if you think that your camera is not up to the mark and you need an app to glorify your photos then go for HDR Plus +. It is a camera app. Through this app, you can capture different photos with different exposures. You can create your own preset of exposures for every image. Not only this but you can also edit these photos.

New and Free Apps for iPhone

Still, if you don’t get satisfied, you can save these images in your gallery for further processing. Images can be saved by changing the app settings. With this app, you can manually choose exposure time and ISO. Its newer version has almost two times better preview quality.

Download HDR Plus +


Ratings: 4.8

If you love putting stories on Instagram and Facebook, then you will love this app too. Steller is an app that helps you in making stories. This app has a clean interface. You can create stories about food, cities, stay in different places. The app allows you to use creative themes, impressive layouts and 10 different fonts for your stories. Other than this, you can also use text boxes and maps on your stories.

New and Free Apps for iPhone

It also reduces your tension of thinking more and more to create different designs for stories. You can visit different catalogs for this purpose. After completing stories, you can share them with your friends. Also, you can directly share them to Facebook and Instagram stories.

Download Steller


Ratings: 4.6

Noto is a free note-taking app available on the Apple store. It has a beautiful interface. The app has amazing editing tools which include Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, and Highlight. Other than this you can drag different items to your post. This app also supports sync with iCloud. With this app, you can organize your notes and reorder your list by dragging.

New and Free Apps for iPhone

Though by using its pro version you can also export and attach different types of attachments. You can also add a table, blockquote, code, and math equation in the notes.

Download Noto

Buttercup Password Manager

Ratings: 3.9

If you are an iPhone user and for any reason, you forget your password, Buttercup Password Manager is the solution for your problem. It is an open-source app. The app is used to manage all the login details in one place. This app manages all your login details in a single archive. Archives can be unlocked by fingerprint or Face ID if it is available. Buttercup password manager needs to be connected to any cloud platform like google drive, dropbox, etc. A desktop application and browser extension of this app are also available.

New and Free Apps for iPhone

A user only needs to learn the password of Buttercup Password Manager. While other passwords will be stored in the manager. Opened archives will automatically become inactive after 10 minutes. Other than this it also supports Safari and autofill login forms. The app is designed in such a way that it can be used with free to use cloud storage providers such as google drive, dropbox, etc.

Download Buttercup Password Manager


Ratings: 4.8

Wallpy is an app for wallpapers. It is available on the apple play store for free. One of the best and unique features of this app is that it provides HD wallpaper. The app contains 14 different types of categories of wallpaper. Developers of this app claim that all the wallpapers are handpicked to ensure HD quality.

New and Free Apps for iPhone

Wallpy has different categories such as the week’s favorite. These categories make it easy for you to select a wallpaper of your own choice. Wallpapers are updated every week.

Download Wallpy


Ratings: 4.3

Many people like to read different types of reading materials. Then comes the second type who wants to listen to it in the form of audios. Readaway is an app for second type of people. You can select any type of downloaded text or online text. This app will convert this text into audio. A playlist can also be created for these audios.

New and Free Apps for iPhone

The app supports 23 languages in 60 different voices. You can also bookmark your online reading material. Once it is converted into audio, you can listen to it even when offline. Readaway has an adjustable listening speed.

Download Readaway


These are Top 7 New and Free Apps for iPhone in December 2019. By reading this post, it will become easy for you to select apps for your use. Your precious time will also be saved.