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New Google Billboards Compare Pixel 3a Price, Low-Light Photography To Apple’s “Phone X”

Google has finally announced the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL earlier this week and the company soon made the phones available for purchase. This also means that the advertising machine has been launched quite quickly, and many billboards have also appeared to indicate how much better the phone is compared to the iPhone X.

And it is, specifically in the aspect of photos at night. The feature named Pixel Night Sight has been much appreciated by all those who have used it, and with Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL having the same feature, it makes sense that Google will have to push it.

The billboards show a photo that is taken at night, on both iPhone X and Pixel 3a. The one taken with Google’s phone is considerably better, as one might expect. Of this, there is absolutely no doubt.

New Google Billboards

“For its latest phone, Google added prices to the billboard to distinguish how its cheaper phone takes better pictures in the dark compared to a flagship. Night Sight’s computational photography prowess is available on all Pixel phones dating to the original in 2016.”

Pixel 3a or iPhone X?

iphone x or pixel 3

A slightly interesting point here is that Google is calling the “Phone X” contest, with a price of $999. This is actually an iPhone XS, and the fine print in previous announcements of this nature has noticed. However, we’re not sure why Google doesn’t just call it iPhone XS.

With a price of only $399, Pixel 3a definitely looks like a better option if you only see these pictures and if night photography is the most important thing for you, then it could be the case. We expect Apple to increase its night-time photos on iOS 13 and new iPhones later this year, but for now, Google certainly has the advantage.

(via: 9to5Google)

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