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Nike App’s AR Feature On iPhone Finds The Right Size Sneaker For You

Nike is one of the greatest players in the tennis sneaker game, and it’s reported that another feature called Nike Fit is going to its iOS app this late spring will make it possible to quantify the measure of your feet using your iPhone. The app will exploit expanded reality, scanning your feet and after that disclosing to you what shoe size you are.

Nike App’s AR Feature

Using the feature will be simple, with tennis sneaker makes a navigating to an item page and afterward tapping another option to measure their feet. The entire thing will at that point transform into an AR window where they will be approached to stand against a wall so that the iPhone can measure their feet.

As per Engadget, this whole thing takes not exactly a moment by and by.

Nike Fit will measure your feet all intents and purposes down to the millimeter size, and it can let you know whether your right foot is larger than your left one, or the other way around. The company says that, in light of early testing, it is very certain on the technology, to such an extent that it intends to make it a core feature of its Nike app — it’s not only an experiment or an advertising move.

Nike App’s AR Feature

Extra features will likewise allow retail store workers to examine a unique QR code in a. client’s application and after that suggest recommendations dependent on a user’s profile.

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The theory is that retail teams will likewise be able to examine the code on a case of shoes and afterward be determined what size a person should choose. Nike Fit will go live in the United States in July, with Europeans getting it later this late spring.