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Nokia 9 PureView Update Fixes One Noteworthy Issue, Causes a Much Greater One

A week ago, the Nokia 9 PureView got a software update which was intended to fix the inconsistent unique fingerprint sensor. And keeping in mind that terrible pressures are now far less incessant, we won’t venture to state that the fingerprint reader works better. Throughout, the end of the week reports rose on Twitter that after the update, Clients were able to open the Nokia 9 with unregistered fingerprints. Normally, we put our unit to the test also. Unfortunately, we can affirm that it is conceivable to unlock it with an unregistered finger. The bogus positive appears to be somewhat random, it’s not simply the phone confusing another fingerprint for the genuine one reliably.


There’s no way to dependably force the mistake, yet it didn’t take an excessive amount of time before we were successful with our endeavors. This implies that if someone gets a hold it together of your phone they’ll likely be able to open it in the long run. The most likely clarification for the vulnerability seems to be that Nokia changed the fingerprint reader algorithms to give a positive read with less certainty of a match.

Overview of Nokia 9 PureView:

We find that the optical in-display impression scanner would not generally register our attempts to open the phone. Now and then it requested that we press diligently, or instructed us to try again. But help is a route to those Nokia 9 PureView owners who have experienced from the same problems.

A tweet dispersed on Friday by HMD chief product officer JUHO Sarvikas revealed that an update is being pushed out to improve the in-display biometric peruser on the phone. The message suggests that after the update is introduced, Nokia 9 PureView users should enlist their fingerprints again for the “best experience.” The officials also note that while the update is being conveyed out in stages, it is already accessible in most markets.

One Nokia 9 PureView owner who officially received the 250.4MB update says that he saw major improvement after installing it; he was able to unlock the phone using the in-display fingerprint scanner 9 times out of 10 without squeezing hard. The update also improves the quality of photographs taken with the phone’s cameras and speeds up the processing of such photos. It also supports the color accuracy and contrast of the display and incorporates the April Android security patch.


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If you possess the device and have yet to get the update, you can always attempt the face unlock option to open the handset. However, as we brought out in our survey, it is not as secure as the fingerprint scanner and can’t be used to approve payments. In addition, facial acknowledgment on the Nokia 9 PureView is not just moderate, yet at the same time a hit or miss proposition. Using a PIN might be the best bet until the update is gotten.