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Peel Remote: Everything you need to know

An application that has the ability to turn your smartphone or tablet device into a TV remote. There is an infrared blaster in your device called IR Blaster that the app uses. Devices which do not have this feature will not be able to use these functions of peel Remote App on their device.

It’s been quite a long time that Peel Remote is considered as one of the top remote apps in the Android market. However, some manufacturers have pre-loaded this app on some devices. The time when the universal remote concept occurred in Android devices, it was still very new and Peel Remote app gained much success among the tech community.

Peel Remote: Everything you need to know

Peel Remote

In 2009, this app got launched initially and it got 25 million-plus users in a few years. Additionally, it is the most used smartphone app with 70 million-plus user base and it all happened because of the collaboration with the most famous mobile phone manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung.

Other than the applause, the app got criticism as well for various reasons. Apart from the ideal techniques that this app uses to keep running successfully but the tv remote app for Samsung blasted the users with tons of annoying lock screen ads and overlay ads. So, in response, the company introduced an option to switch this off easily. However, this step failed to resolve many options within the app.

What exactly is Peel Remote App?

A universal remote app that is specifically designed to turn your smartphone or tablet into the remote with all in one feature. This app will help you out to control the various household appliances such as setup boxes, air conditioners, tv and even different gadgets such as Roku and some other smart devices.

Download Peel Smart Remote:

[appbox googleplay tv.peel.app&hl=en]

Features of the Peel Smart Remote App

  • Rich Interface

The user interface is quite straight forward with easy navigation across the different sections of the app. It is quite seamless, especially between switching channels and guides.

  • Comprehensive TV Guide

The tv guide will help you to choose between various genres of shows and episodes. You will notice a separate section for Recently watched and What is Trending. This will show you the information regarding various shows and will give personalized recommendations.

  • Physical Remote Replica

It features easy buttons that are quite similar to the physical remote that will easy for you to change the channels quickly. You can have a custom remote as well and add the specific channels that you want.

  • Youtube Live

This app will also help you out to directly cast the content of youtube for various live streaming devices such as Chromecast and Roku.

  • Voice Control

The voice assistant feature in the app will help you to control the basic functionalities of your TV such you can turn on the tv or increase the volume etc. but this can only work with a number of few televisions.

Why use Peel Remote?

  • You can enjoy a more rich and robust graphical experience.
  • By just a single tap, you can enjoy a variety of tv shows on a single device.
  • The interface is quite easy with convenient buttons and easy gestures to control all of the entertainment systems of your home.
  • You can easily select, play and pause. Switch between the activities, power ON your system all these things in a single device.
  • A variety of thumbnails of tv shows that you can flip through. You can the description of tv shows by tapping on the thumbnail.
  • The content is arranged in different genres that you can easily browse.
  • You can cut shows as well that you don’t like. The more you use this App the more you will have personalized recommendation.
  • You can share what you are watching with your friends on different social media channels as well such on Twitter and Facebook.

How does Peel Universal Smart Remote App work?

The app uses the IR hardware blaster on smartphones and replaces your regular remote. Once you are done with setting up this app you just need to point the phone to the device and control it by tapping on the screen remote.

How to Add any Device in the Smart Peel remote app?

Through IR bluster

As mentioned above that this app uses the IR blaster also known as the infrared blaster to have control on all electronics. It is a sensor used in some of the few smartphone devices that can emulate the remotes of electronics such as AC remote, TV remote etc.

  • As not all smartphones devices have this IR blaster so make sure your device has this feature and then proceed to further steps.
  • Download the app for Android and iOS from the link mentioned below.

Smart TV Remote Control for Android

Smart TV Remote Control for iOS

  • Click on tv brands then tap on other devices, if you want to add other devices such as home theatre or AC.
  • Towards the gadget, point your phone and click on the power button to test if it is working or not.
  • After setting up the buttons you can use this Android remote to control your home appliances.
  • If the button does not work then you need to check for alternative buttons until you find out the working one.
  • And once you are done with setting up the device, you can add more than a device to the single location as well and for that, you just need to tap on the plus button below the wifi option.

Through Wifi

If your device doesn’t have the option of IR blaster you can still use the peel remote app on your device and for that you need wifi.

After launching the app, you will notice a pop up to initialize wifi. As for there are few devices that can be controlled through wifi.

Note: For this method to work your gadget and needs to be on the same location.

Why Peel Smart Remote App is criticized?

Peel Remote Ads

There is no point to lie or hide something and truth needs to come out. The company was under examine for about a year because of the disparate techniques and measures to gain more revenue. In the year 2017, a very bad ad practice was introduced in the app containing unethical overlays and lock screen ads.

The application started the practice of placing ads without user consent. That was quite enough to annoy the users whenever they unlock their device and hit with an ad and there is no option in the app as well to turn that option off as well.

As it is a completely free app so we expected some ads but the new ad technique is quite frustrating. As these are full-screen ads that will appear randomly. You can disable the ads as well but for that, you need to the monthly subscription of $0.99.

How to remove the Peel Remote App?

There is one more reason that is making people despise the smart remote app is the bloatware nature. All the smartphones with a pre-installed remote virus, don’t let the users remove the app through regular and usual means. You will notice an option to disable it only but there are a number of people who reported that the app resurfaces itself.

Below is the guide that you can follow to remove this app from your device.

  • Go to App Settings in your phone Settings Menu.
  • In the App Manager, find Peel Remote App.
  • If you see an Uninstall Button click to delete the App from your phone.
  • If there is no uninstall button then just click on the Disable Button. This option will also remove the app from your phone.

As many users reported the resurface of an app and if you face the same issue then you need to follow some more steps mentioned below.

  • Go to Google Play Store and open Peel Remote App.
  • Click on three dots on the right side of the screen.
  • Now disable the automatic update option for the app by unchecking the Enable auto update

Peel Smart Remote App Alternatives

There is no remote app for android as bad as Peel Remote because of some bad techniques that the app follows such as ads, resurface of the app itself after the app deletion and consuming much space and memory as well.

So, after quality research on the working of this peel smart remote app, we are recommending you some alternatives to this app that you can also consider.

SURE – Smart Home and TV Universal Remote

[appbox googleplay com.tekoia.sure.activities&hl=en]

Galaxy Universal Remote

[appbox googleplay com.moletag.galaxy.s4.remote]

AnyMote Universal Remote + WiFi Smart Home Control

[appbox googleplay com.remotefairy4]

Final Words

So that was all about the Peel Remote App. I hope you find this article helpful and lastly if there is anything missing that you think needs to be included in the article. we would love to appreciate if you mention that in the comment section.

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