How To Remove a Device from Apple ID

No need to panic if your Apple ID is still connected to the iOS devices that you don’t own anymore. Because now it is possible for you to Remove a Device from Apple ID, even from a different device. All you have to do is perform simple tasks that I’ve drafted in this guide.

Remove a Device From Apple ID

Apple assists its users in every possible way. Because they have a class to maintain. No matter if your iPhone is troubling you or your Mac devices are not working as they are supposed to do so. You give them a problem and they’ll provide you with a solution within 24 to 48 hours. However, some problems can be solved by implying various tricks. So here, I’ll present all possible ways to Remove a Device from Apple ID. Stay tuned and try to imply the following steps in a way they are presented in this guide.

 4 Basic Methods to Remove Devices from Apple ID

Apple ID is the solemn reason why users can connect multiple devices with one another. There are tons of benefits of connecting different devices via Apple ID. For data sharing and using iOS apps with the same account.

But what if you are not using a device and your Apple account is still connected to it? Would you like to remove it or let others take a peek into your privacy? Well, if you want to remove a device from Apple ID, then you need to follow the steps drafted below:

1) iPhone/iPad

  • Unlock your iPhone/iPad and open the settings app.
  • Now tap once on your profile icon.
  • Here, you’ll see the list of devices that are connected with your Apple Account.
  • Select a device that you want to remove.
  • Tap on “Remove from account” and again select Remove.
  • Wait for it and if you want, remove any other devices by implying the same steps.

2) Mac OS

  • From the Apple menu, navigate to “System Preferences”
  • Select “Apple ID” from the top-right corner (in the latest Mac versions, the option is named iCloud).
  • Here you’ll see the list of connected iOS devices in the left-side menu.
  • To remove a device from Apple ID, select it and then click once on “Remove from account”.
  • Now click on the Remove button, to confirm the operation.

3) Online Apple Account Services

Remove a Device from Apple ID

  • Now click or tap on a device that you like to remove.
  • Select Remove this Mac/iPad/iPhone.
  • Repeat similar steps to remove any other iOS device.

3) iCloud

  • Open iCloud and sign in via Apple ID.

Remove a Device from Apple ID

  • From the top-right corner, click once on your Account name and select Account Settings.
  • Now click on the device that you wanted to be removed from your Apple ID.
  • Click once on the “x” button and then on the remove button.
  • Wait a couple of seconds, and let Apple servers remove the aspected device from your account.
  • When done, you’ll get an instant notification.

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