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How To Restore Deleted Google Play Store

Google Play Store is the only source of installing open-source apps on Android. Yes, there are some other sources like getting the APK files of your desired apps, but none of them are trust-worthy. If you really care about the security and privacy of your smartphone, then you may never wanna download apps & games from unknown sources.

In cases where you accidentally deleted Google Play Store, you can imply some methods to retrieve it. Here, I’ve demonstrated a solution to How To Restore Deleted Google Play Store. It’s obvious that you are an Android user and trust Google Play Services with the health of your device.

4 Ways To Restore Deleted Google Play Store

Yeah, there are various methods to retrieve accidentally deleted Google Play Store. It’s your choice either to imply all of them or stop at any step that you find helpful. But I’m going to talk about step-by-step for this cause. It’s depending upon the situations of an Android user.

1) Add to Home Screen

If you’ve deleted Google Play Store from the home screen, there’s still hope for you. Because whenever you delete an app from the home screen, its available inside the app drawer. Meaning, it never gets uninstalled by only starts to disappear from the desktop.

Restore Deleted Google Play Store

To check if that’s the case, open your App Drawer and use its search bar to locate Google Play Store. If you are successful in finding the app, then tap-n-hold on its icon and select “Add to Home Screen”. Now the play store app will be restored on the home screen of your Android device.

2) Scan Hidden Apps

There’s a chance that you’ve added Google Play Store in the hidden apps list. That’s a feature that allows users to hide apps/games from the app drawer. But if you know about it, you can locate and subtract it from such a category.

Restore Deleted Google Play Store

To do so, open the Settings app and navigate to the Display tab. There, access the Home Screen menu and open Hide apps. See the list of the apps that added in it or if you want, access its search bar to locate the Google Play Store.

3) Enable it Back

Matter of fact, Google Play Store is the default app in every Android device. So, there’s no chance of you deleting it, unless you’ve rooted your device. But you are using the stock firmware on Android, then its a possibility that you’ve disabled it from the settings.

Restore Deleted Google Play Store

To enable it back, open the Settings of your Android device. Navigate into the Apps/Apps & Notifications tab and locate the missing app. If you can’t find it, tap once on the three-dotted icon and open System apps. From there, open the Google Play Store and change the disable status to enable.

4) Download Google Play Store APK

Still no hope locating Google Play Store? If yes, then its time to download its APK file manually from the internet. You can get Google Play Store APK from here. After downloading the file, open it and start following the onscreen instructions. When it’s successfully installed, open it and start enjoying Google Play Services on Android.

Download Google Play Store APK

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