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Samsung Galaxy Fold May Already Be In The Works With A Huge Screen And S Pen

It was assumed that 2019 would never be the year that mobile folding devices entered the mainstream, but, at least, we expected to see a couple of them being marketed in limited quantities in a few key global markets by the end of the summer. This may not happen with the Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X, but even if the previous project is plagued by problems of build quality that have forced a long delay, it also maintains a general state of uncertainty regarding an updated release date, the rumors of an imminent sequel are already increasing.

At first glance, it doesn’t make much sense for Samsung to work on a second-generation Galaxy Fold before the first edition is completely “stabilized” and adequately extended to at least a handful of early adopters. But everyone, from smartphone manufacturers to market research companies, seems to agree that folding designs are the future of a sector that has not worked well in recent years.

Therefore, we would not be surprised if Samsung had plans for different iterations of the Galaxy Fold considering the commercial availability in the future. The production challenges will undoubtedly be solved sooner or later, a time when the company must be prepared for the next phases of the evolution of folding smartphones.

A Bigger Screen, The Same Folding Style, And a Welcomed Upgrade

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It is absolutely possible that a Galaxy Fold 2 is already underway, we must ask ourselves why there are so many conflicting rumors among the Korean media. A new report by The Elec contradicts almost everything that ETNews “revealed” yesterday and poses a rather obvious question. Which internal sources could be accurate and which are inventing things to attract attention?

Of course, there is also a third theory we can think of. What happens if both devices are actually being in process? We are talking about a model smaller than 6.7 inches with a folding implementation something new (similar to what is said for the revival of Motorola Razr) and a giant 8-inch device that reviews the folding method used by the first generation of Galaxy Fold to keep the larger screen hidden and rely on a 4.6-inch external panel for one-handed use.

Unfortunately, we don’t know if the Galaxy Fold 2 (by the way, the name will never be mentioned in today’s report) will use an identical or perhaps larger “cover screen” than its predecessor. What we “know” is that Samsung plans to add S Pen support to the extra-large sequel of the Galaxy Fold, which would basically turn it into a folding version of Note 10. We never really understood why the company didn’t do it in the first place. Well, better late than never, right?

Could you discard the original Galaxy Fold?

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It is interesting to note that Galaxy Fold 2 is currently previewed in December 2019 or at the beginning of next year at the latest. If Samsung could really achieve this goal (which almost didn’t feel guaranteed), this would leave a rather small margin of time to allow the first generation to be put up for sale and sent all over the world.

Given the skepticism that surrounds this deeply flawed design, perhaps the best course of action would simply be to eliminate it and move on to an improved product (hopefully) with a larger main screen and S Pen updates. However, at the same time, it is likely that Samsung will not want to give up its rival rights for Huawei, so there is still the possibility that the company will launch a small group of Galaxy Fold units sometimes in August or September and then continue with a follow-up effort.

(Via: The Elec (translated))

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