Samsung Galaxy Note 10 May have Updated Cameras

One of the main plan changes on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could be the cameras, with the most recent leak recommending that the rear snappers will move from a horizontal to a vertical course of action. That guarantee depends on images found on Weibo (a Chinese social network) and shared by @UniverseIce (a reputable leaker), demonstrating a sketch of a horizontal triple-lens camera block, and one more of the camera positioned on the rear of a phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 strangely isn’t referenced by name, but @UniverseIce does incorporate a picture of Leonardo da Vinci, and as ‘da Vinci’ is accepted to be the phone’s code name this is all likelihood talking about the Note 10.

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The image appearing the rear of the phone additionally doesn’t demonstrate a fingerprint scanner. Presently, it lacks detail, so this may very well not have been incorporated in the sketch, yet it could well imply that the scanner will be built into the screen instead. That’s a change we’d expect, given that the Samsung Galaxy S10 territory has that.

We’d take the camera changes appeared with a touch of salt, particularly since both the Galaxy Note 9 and the S10 range have horizontally adjusted lenses, yet this isn’t the first occasion we’ve heard that they could be vertical on the Note 10.

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And that’s not by any means the only likely camera change. It’s also certain that the phone will have a punch-hole selfie camera along the lines of the Galaxy S10 range.

But strangely it might very well have a solitary-lens one as per another tweet from @UniverseIce, despite the fact that the Galaxy S10 plus has a dual-lens one. We’ll presumably find out for sure in August, as that’s when Samsung is probably going to launch the Note 10.