Samsung To Launch The Galaxy Fold In September

Samsung announced tonight that it plans to launch the Samsung Galaxy Fold late in September. The device should have been launched on April 26th, but several problems arose that caused the manufacturer to delay the launch. While Royale FlexPai released it last year, Galaxy Fold would be the first fold offered by a major phone manufacturer. And I could still earn that honor depending on when, in September, both Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X will be officially launched.

galaxy fold

The delay forced Best Buy and AT&T to cancel advance orders and repay the money paid to reserve the phone. Samsung itself has agreed to do the same unless it received an email from a customer asking the manufacturer to keep the pre-order open.

Electronics Manager of Samsung D.J. Koh admitted earlier this month that he had launched Galaxy Fold. The influencers who received the review units were detaching a layer of plastic film on the device’s internal 7.3-inch screen, thinking it was similar to the plastic one it would remove from the screen on a newly purchased smartphone. However, Samsung had included a warning in the package of these units that told influencers not to remove the film from the screen. Those who did not listen to the warning found that the screen no longer worked. Another influencing factor detected a lump on the internal screen of the Galaxy Fold that occurred when some debris entered through an opening in the top of the hinge of the device. And other review units simply stopped working for no apparent reason.

When Samsung returned to the drawing board, it extended the protective layer of the Galaxy Fold beyond its frames. This should make it clear that the film cannot take off. And the protective caps added to the top and bottom of the hinge are designed to prevent debris from entering the device through this part. In addition, layers of metal were added below the Infinity Flex screen to reinforce the screen and Samsung also reduced the space between the hinge and the body. In addition to solving these hardware problems, the manufacturer is optimizing more apps for the phone’s foldable user interface.

With the final tests in progress, the company says it will launch the Galaxy Fold in selected markets starting in September. He says further details on product availability will be made public as Samsung approaches the phone launch.

“All of us at Samsung appreciate the support and patience we’ve received from Galaxy fans all over the world. Galaxy Fold is a device long in the making, and we’re proud to share it with the world and look forward to bringing it to consumers.”- Samsung

Huawei Mate X

galaxy fold vs mate x

Furthermore, it will go on sale in September with the Huawei Mate X. Initially, it was assumed that the Mate X would be launched in June, but now it will be released later in September. Since the device was introduced in February, it will continue with the Android version of the Google Play services installed, although Huawei is still unable to access its US supply chain. Google terminated relations with Huawei but had already licensed Mate X before the ban.

A major problem that neither Samsung nor Huawei can solve with an update is the price of their folding phones. The Galaxy Fold costs $ 1,980 for the 4G version and the 5G variant will have a $ 150 bonus. It is not clear when the 5G model will be released, although South Korea should have it first. Huawei Mate X, which will not be sold in the US has a capacity of 5G and its price is equivalent to $ 2,600 USD.

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