Screenshots Reveal iOS 13 Dark Mode, New Remainders  App, more

We’re not exactly seven days away from WWDC, when Apple is expected to reveal the new versions of all its OS, incorporating iOS 13. We’ve discussed what’s in the store in detail, with information from sources familiar with the development of Apple’s OS. Today, we have screenshots from iOS 13, that show some of its new highlights.


Dark Mode can be empowered in the Settings app or with an option in Control Center, for snappy access to the feature. On the Home screen, the main noticeable change is the Dock, which embraces a vibrant dark background rather than the light one. It’s conceivable that Apple will be incorporating new wallpapers that work better in Dark Mode with the new OS.

When looking at an app, for example, Music in Dark Mode, it’s possible to see that Apple is using a genuine black background, which looks extraordinary on an OLED device. The change may likewise affect battery life since the OLED display doesn’t need to go through the power to light up the black pixels.

Another UI change on iOS 13 is in the interface that shows up after taking a screenshot. Rather than showing a gray background with small markup tools at the base, it demonstrates a blurred version of the user’s wallpaper with more life-like comment tools to choose from. The similar interface has likewise been redesigned on iPad, which uses an adjusted tray at the base of the screen to hold the instruments. On iPad, this plate can be dragged around the screen.


As referenced in a past report, the remainders app is getting a major upgrade in iOS 13 and is additionally coming to the Mac on macOS 10.15. On iPad, the new Reminders app has a large sidebar with isolated boxes for “Today”, “Scheduled”, “Flagged” and “All”, which additionally incorporates a search box and a collection of a client’s rundowns of reminders. The app likewise uses the SF UI Rounded font introduced to iOS with Wallet on iOS 12.2.


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The Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps are additionally getting unified as we previously reported. The new app is as of now called “Find My” and has been significantly enhanced on iPad, including every one of the highlights of the two apps. The app demonstrates a big map that fills the whole screen of the device, with a small window in the corner posting the client’s family and friends and another tab for the client’s own devices. At that point when Dark Mode is empowered, the map looks similar on macOS with Dark Mode enabled. You can see the symbol for “Find My” below.


Apple is expected to report iOS 13 next Monday, aimed the opening keynote at WWDC. The primary developer beta should become accessible immediately, with the public beta beginning in the following weeks.