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Best Search Facebook Without an Account

Facebook is the most popular social networking website and there are almost 2 billion users all around the world who are on this platform. This also makes it the largest people search engine with the ability to search for people, posts, groups, pages, events, and even photos. You can refer to as a people’s directory and you can easily find people on Facebook and for that, you don’t need to log in. This social giant gains thousands of new users daily. It is hard to find those people who do not have a Facebook account. This huge popularity of Facebook helps us to use it for several helpful tasks including as a people finder.

From the past few years, when you try to find someone, there was no accurate way to find anyone online. Other than Facebook there are no other social media who has gained such popularity over the last few years. In the past, people were used to searching for other people through Orkut. If we lost someone, we made a general FIR to local police and they did their work. Now, we can take advantage of Facebook people search to find someone. If you upload the photo to Facebook and share it, there might be a chance to get some relevant information regarding the lost person or even a lost thing.

Nowadays, police and local cops also take advantages of Facebook to help them identify a person or to find someone or some details. Many children find their parents using Facebook and many parents find their lost child after a long period of time. Friends get in touch with friends, relatives get in touch with relatives. Facebook is popular worldwide, so, you can find people from any corner of the world without logging in.

To find someone you need to be a Facebook user. Facebook provides an option named Facebook person search and people search directory that you can get help from to find anyone worldwide. If you are an existing Facebook user, then you can log in to your Facebook account to get some extra benefits while searching.

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How to search for Facebook without an account

Best Search Facebook Without an Account

You can not only use Facebook to search for people by their name, but also by their email addresses and even phone numbers. Search results and the profile information that you will get may vary depending on the individual privacy settings of that user.

Although you need to keep in mind that the search feature is more powerful when you are logged in through your account, there may be times when you want to do a quick search on Facebook without logging in. It could be a quick background check for someone you plan to hire or checking the page of a public organization, there are times when the need of logging in to Facebook to search for someone is not worth it.

Let’s see how you can avoid that hassle and, yet, search Facebook without logging in.

Method 1: Google Search Query

Google is surely the king of search engines and if you know some advanced search queries, you can easily search Google for specific file types, URLs, and even search a specific site for something particular.

The search string is site:yoursitehere.com query

I have permit search engines to index my Facebook page and that means Google will have no trouble finding my page. string:

For example, I am going to search the Facebook page my site. Let’s find out the result. So, I will type the following search.

site: facebook.com ATech Guides

site: facebook.com ATech Guides


Note: You just need to write the name of that person after site: facebook.com you will hopefully find the profile of that person in the result links. And you also do the same using email ids and phone numbers.

Method 2: Facebook Directory

Google Search is an amazingly powerful platform and works for both people as well as pages, who would better understand their own database than Facebook.

Enter the Facebook Directory.

You might be asked to enter captcha, to reassure that you are indeed a human before you will see a small sample of data in alphabetical order.

You can also tell Facebook to search for people, pages or even places. You just need to go to the relevant tab and enter the query, and Facebook will return with search results.

Method 3: Facebook People Search

Facebook People Search

Facebook People Search shows profile of the person you searched for other than that it will also display some other relevant information like an employer, school, DOB, city, workplace, and any other public data available to help you find the information on the profile you were looking for.

This gives you the ability to refine your search queries. Such as in Google, you will see only 10 results on one page.

You will notice the name is deceptive. When you initially land on the people search homepage and it will ask you to enter the name of the person whom you want to search. But you can enter other queries too.

Method 4: Social Search Engines

Social Search Engines

With the arrival of social media came a new breed of search engines: Social search engines. The main objective of such sites is to aggregate publicly available data from a number of social media websites, such as Facebook, and display it neatly for the searcher’s easy reading. I am going to mention two of them here Pipl and Social Searcher.



A people search engine will allow you to enter the name of a person along with the location. This will narrow down the potential profiles. It will help you a lot if the name is very common.

Social Searcher

Social Searcher

Social Searcher allows you to search for persons but also for conversations using hashtags and some advanced search queries. Similar to Pipl, Social Searcher also show relevant information from other social media sites. It can be a great option for your search for someone’s information if you don’t want to log in to Facebook.

Both services are free to use but come with premium plans for business owners.

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Final Words

Now, Facebook has reached around 2.23 billion users. Although the Cambridge Analytica scandal has inspired many users to delete, Facebook’s user base is still growing. Even if you prefer to stay away from Facebook, you can’t deny its popularity and reach.

Sometimes you have to use this site for information that you might can’t get anywhere else. For example, you may need a social search engine to track down old friends. You can also use Facebook when you’re researching public organizations, brands, and even small businesses. In fact, some small businesses base their online presence on this website entirely.

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