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How To Send an Anonymous Text | 2019

You might want to send someone a text without showing your phone number. Anonymity is neither good nor bad. The purpose of sending anonymous texts is where the moral of the individual comes in. there may be various reasons behind sending anonymous texts. In a world of privacy and secrecy, you should know some ways to remain unidentifiable in the world.

In this article, we will show you several ways that you can use to send texts anonymously.

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How To Send an Anonymous Text | 2019

How To Send an Anonymous Text | 2019

When you send SMS, the messages are packaged along with the sending number and sent to the receiver. But with anonymous texting, the sending number is stripped out and then it is sent to the receiver.

One approach that is commonly used to send text anonymously is through apps and websites that use their own numbers to send your messages. These platforms switch your numbers with their own for the billing purpose and sending the message to the destination by stripping the sender’s phone number. So, the career will see the number for the purpose of billing but the destination will not be going to see it.

Generally, there are two ways that you can consider to send SMS anonymously and these ways are through apps and websites.

Apps to send an anonymous text

There are many apps that can be used to send text anonymously. We are presenting here the commonly used and reliable apps that you can consider. It only works for Android devices.

1. Snapchat

Snapchat is a social network which is image based. It is quite popular because of its innovative ways to communicate. It also includes the ability to send texts without showing your identity to the destination party.

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2. Private Text Messaging & Calls

Private Text Messaging & Calls works only for android. You can easily handle your calls, SMS, file sharing, images with the help of this app. It also includes some other features specific to privacy and it is an amazing app worth trying.

[appbox googleplay ws.coverme.im&hl=en]

3. Signal

Signal is a secure app used for communication. It also has the feature to suppress the caller ID messaging or calling dealing with the purpose of send text or call anonymously. Apart from anonymity, texts and calls are encrypted so you can securely send you images and files too. It is available for Android, iOS, and windows.

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4. Burble

The amazing app that will let you send text anonymously by hiding your identity. It is a fast, free and secure website that you can easily use.

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5. Whisper

Another app that provides privacy while sending messages. No one will know who you are unless you want to tell them.

Visit Whisper

Websites that let you send an anonymous text

Along with apps, there are various websites that also allows you to send texts anonymously. Some sites restrict the number of messages that you can send in a day other than that these sites are quite reliable to use. All these sites are free to use but you need to keep this thing in mind that delivery is not guaranteed.

1. TxtEmNow

A website with a very slick design and allows you to send SMS to any international number. Go to the website and scroll down to the bottom, enter the destination number and click on enter to get your job done. You can confirm the details before sending the text. It will take time to deliver your text to the destination party but it will arrive anonymously.

Visit TxtEmNow

2. Text ‘em

Text ‘em is quite similar to TxtEmNow and in this site, you also need to enter the number, carrier and the message. Captcha confirmation, agree to ToS and then click on enter.

Visit Text ‘em

3. SendAnonymousSMS

The name of this website is clearly saying what it does. It allows to send you text anonymously in any country. You just need to enter the number, country, your message, and the destination number. Enter the captcha and click on send SMS. It will take time to deliver you SMS but there is one thing that is confusing here is the purpose of the sender’s number, it might be used to track illegal text. However, the service works quite well.

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4. Smsti.in

The best site that allows you to send text by hiding your identity. You can send texts consisting of numbers up to 160 words. Smsti.in is quite fast and you can also check the delivery report of your text messages as well. Apart from the amazing service, the drawback of this site is you can use this service for Indian numbers only.

Visit Smsti.in

5. Seasms.com

Another site to send text anonymously. Seasms.com will allow you to send text up to 160 words. Send SMS to anyone in the world. It is completely free to use. You can send one text to several numbers at a time. It also has a dynamic messaging option that you can use to send different texts to different numbers.

Visit Seasms.com


Final Words

There are several ways that you can use to send texts anonymously and above we have mentioned the most common and reliable ways that you can use keeping the security and privacy in mind.

That was the list of 5 Apps and 5 websites that you can pick as every option is providing something unique. If there is any name that you think should be included in the list you can mention that in the comment section. we will really appreciate that gesture of you.

Till then enjoy sending anonymous texting as we will be back soon with another interesting topic to share with you.

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