Home News Seven Deadly Sins is now up for pre-registration in Japan

Seven Deadly Sins is now up for pre-registration in Japan

Seven Deadly Sins is a gorgeous upcoming gacha RPG by the makers of Marvel Future Fight, and you can pre-register for the Japanese version right now. You’ll collect a bunch of characters, who pull off skills using cards. The turn-based battles are incredibly flashy, and wouldn’t look out of place in an anime movie.

seven-deadly-sinsSeven Deadly Sins is a polished gacha coming to Android in Japan

You can also fully customize your character’s appearance, including their costumes. Much like Monster Hunter, eating food before a battle seems to play a part in the action.

That’s also the place to go to pre-register, so go ahead and do so if you fancy playing this polished gacha.

Features of Seven Deadly Sins:


In this game, they adopted a new skill system. Use skill selectively according to the situation, always fresh and strategic battle will be deployed.



Full production of TV animation. Besides that name line and story, the interlacing skill of characters and the fancy battle are reproduced in the game.



There are also super luxury voice actors of TV anime (Ninatsu Odin) introducing the charming character of Seven Deadly Sins.


Music :

A musical artist who worked on the music of the newer series Keiichi Okabe, Monaca and The Sven Deals played original soundtracks. There are played courageous, the step of delight, dashing and justice and punishment sound music in this game.

Gifts for pre-registration:

Depending on the pre-registrations number of all the gifts the luxury reward! Costume for melio dus is a limited item only available on the official site.