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Common Facebook Slang Words, Full Form for Chatting and Status Messages

The social network websites have totally worried almost all of us. Today, most of us spend a lot of time on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Social networks are busy with the endless channels of news, status updates, latest news, photos and videos published recently from the list of our friends.

One of the most common features of almost all other social networks and media sites is status updates. Most of us use commonly known online jargon words like LoL, ASAP, ASL, OMG and more during status updates and online posting, most of the jargon words that are very popular and will be known by almost everyone who I’m interested in using social networking sites online.

If you don’t know most of these online jargon words or short forms, we use on social networking sites, don’t worry. Today we are here with modules and complete details on almost all popular words when using these social networking websites.

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Commonly Used Facebook Abbreviations and Facebook Slang Words

Common Facebook Slang Words

Facebook slang words: OMG, ASAP, IDK, etc. Don’t you think that these common slang words have saved us a lot of time on social networking sites? Social network websites have completely absorbed the people of the world. Moreover, most of the time people are busy participating in some of the most popular social networking websites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Many people choose to chat and update the status, which includes some of the abbreviated codes like LOL, ROFL, ASAP, ASL, etc. If you are a normal Facebook user, you should know the complete form of these words. Otherwise, don’t worry. We provide you with a great list of jargon words (Facebook slang abbreviations) for you and train yourself with these common jargon words that are used when you chat on Facebook or WhatsApp.

LOL, ASAP, GN, SD, TC, etc. These are the most common words that people use on social networking websites. These are some of the most common jargon words used in Facebook chat. While some of the social media slang words were previously added to the Oxford Dictionary, according to the latest BBC News sources.

The slang words help us most of the time to optimize your way of communicating with other people and save time. There are times when someone gives us slang words and we don’t really know the meaning of that word.

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To help all readers of this post, I have listed the most common jargon words of users on any social networking website, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, so that the user can take full advantage without losing much now. So, here is the complete list of slang words with their meaning.

ASAP – As Soon As Possible

ASAIC –  As Soon As I Can

LOL – Laugh Out Loud

ASL – Tell your Age, Sex, and Location

TU – Thank You

GM – Good Morning

GE – Good Evening

GN – Good Night

JFY – Just For You

MTUK – More Than You Know

OSLT – Or Something Like That

ACC –  Actually

ACE – Excellent or Great

AFS –  Always Forever and Seriously

APP –  Application

AUO – I don’t know

AW – Anyway

B4 – Before

BBS   –  Be Back Soon

BBL   –  Be Back Later

BBN   –  Be Back Never

BBT   –  Be Back Tomorrow

BF   –  Boy Friend

GF   –  Girl Friend

BFF   –  Best Friend Forever

BOT   –  Back On Topic

BBZ   –  Babes

CYL   –  Catch You Later

D8   –  Date

DAM   –  Don’t Ask Me

DAQ   –  Don’t Ask a question

DARL   –  Darling

DAT   –  That

DDT   –  Don’t Do That

F9   –  Fine

FBF   –  Facebook Friend

G2E   –  Go To Eat

G8   –  Great

GTH   –  Go To Hell

H2CUS   –  Hope To See You Soon

HAGL   –  Have A Good Life

HAGD   –  Have A Good Day

HAGN   –  Have A Good Night

HAGE   –  Have A Good Evening

HAND   –  Have A Nice Day

HBU   –  How About You

HDU   –  How Dare You

HEY   –  Hello, Hi

HF   –  Have Fun

HHOJ   –  Ha Ha, Only Joking

HHOK   –  Ha Ha, Only Kidding

HHVF   –  Ha Ha, Very Funny

hm…   –  Thinking

I IAS   –  In A Second

IB   –  I’m Back

IHS   –  I Hope So

IIL   –  I’m in Love

IK   –  I Know

J4F   –  Just For Fun

J4L   –  Just For Laugh

J4U   –  Just For You

JLT   –  Just Like That

  –  Okay

KL   –  Cool

B4   –  Before

M/F   –  Are you Male or Female

IDK   –  I Don’t Know

L8   –  Later

L8ER   –  Later

ME2   –  Me Too

N   –  And

N2G   –  Need To Go

NOPE   –  No

O7   –  Salute

OOPS   –  You can say, If you make a mistake

OYE   –  Listen up

PPL   –  People

PRO   –  Professional

PLZ   –  Please

PM   –  Private Message

Q&A   –  Question and Answer

RI8   –  Right

S2U   –  Same to You

SRY   –  Sorry

THANQ   –  Thank You

THANX, TNX, TX   –  Thanks

THN   –  Then

TTLY   –  Totally

TTUL   –  Talk To You Later

TTUS   –  Talk To You Soon

  –  You

UR   –  Your

W/   –  With

W/O   –  Without

W/E   –  Whatever

W8   –  Wait

WC   –  Welcome

W^   –  What’s up

XLNT   –  Excellent

X_X   –  Dead

Y   –  Why

YEAH, YH   –  Yes

SD   –  Sweet Dreams

WTF   –  What The F**k

BTW   –  By The Way

BRB   –  Be Right Back

JK   –  Just Kidding

zzz   –  Sleeping

JK   –  Just Kidding

FYI   –  For Your Information

FB   –  Facebook

WTH   –  What The Hell

LMK   –  Let Me Know

OMG   –  Oh! My God


You can use these lists of WhatsApp and Facebook slang words while chatting online with your friends and others. For good communication with your friends, share this post with your friends and followers via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Till then enjoy messaging by using these slang words and we will be back soon with another interesting topic to share with you.

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