Snapchat Is Now Banning All Accounts Running On Jailbroken iOS 12 Devices

Snap Inc. is at present on a functioning account banning spree for people it considers to get to the platform on a jailbroken device. If you are Snapchat-mad and are getting the service on a jailbroken iOS device, at that point,  it could be an extraordinary time to reconsider that action. History has officially demonstrated over and over how Snapchat’s parent company feels about jailbroken clients.


The company has been on numerous banning sprees in the past whereby it recognizes and temporarily bans accounts as a notice shot for that specific user to quit doing what they are doing. However, in those cases, the users were normally accessing Snapchat from a third party app or an adjusted version of the official Snapchat app. Presently, it appears that Snap Inc. is forbidding users only for being jailbroken, particularly those on iOS 12+, and using the official app in a non-nefarious way.

Certain users who have endured the ban are recommending that the lock-down is really device specific which implies that Snapchat is verifying and storing identifiers which relate to that device. This implies that a user could get restricted, at that point, log in on a similar device using numerous different Snapchat accounts and all of those accounts would likewise be banned.

The company isn’t recommending that the users are doing anything “wrong” as such however it appears that essentially being jailbroken is sufficient for Snapchat to tar those users with the negativity brush and lock them from their accounts.

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It shows up, Snapchat is treating the jailbroken condition of a device as compared to having a third-party Snapchat app or change installed.

If you are planning on using Snapchat on a jailbroken device, and you are as of now riding the wave of being unbanned, at that point, you can really install and use the Unsub change to disable Substitute change injection specifically for the Snapchat app. This will get around the jailbreak identification mechanisms.

If the account has been banned, you can use the similar plan however may need to hang tight for approximately 24-hours for the temporary ban to expire before endeavoring to get Snapchat’s servers.

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It is certainly worth keeping in mind that Snapchat would likely not falter to put a changeless ban in place on your account. In this way, If you esteem that side of your social media world, it might be prudent to just avoid using Snapchat by and large on your jailbroken device.