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How To Solve Audio Issues in Windows 10

Whenever a Windows 10 gets updated, it brings a lot of joy to its users. A new UI & several features are introduced to users to make their experience on Windows worth a while. Normally, the smaller updates don’t bring a lot of changes to a user’s operating system. But if you talk about the major updates, they can be tacky & become a source to Audion Issues in Windows 10.

Solve Audio Issues in Windows 10

So today’s topic is How To Solve Audio Issues in Windows 10. But it is not necessary that you are facing such problems just because of early updates. Some other issues might concern you. That’s why we have listed all the common errors which users are facing so-far.

Windows 10: Fixing Sound Problems

No Sound has become a common issue for Windows 10 PC/Laptop users. It seems like Microsoft Inc. is unable to handle the burden of billions of Windows users. So thanks to the Windows experts, they have come up with several solutions to get rid of sound problems. Many sound fixes on Windows 10 are listed below:

Checking The Connected Device

First of all, you need to consider that if you are not getting sound at all, there may be a problem in your Audio device. Like speakers, headphones, etc. So it’s best that you first check it out and if you discover that it’s ok, start solving the issue inside the OS.

For that, you just need to right-click on the speaker icon from the taskbar. Now from the popup, select the first option “Open Sound Settings”. There, you will see the exact name of your connected device. If are unable to see it, just click once on Choose your device menu to select the appropriate option.

Fix Sound Problems in Windows 10

Updating Sound Card Drivers

There is a huge chance that your sound card drivers may not be up-to-date. So its best that you update them to stop having Audio Issues on Windows 10. Because sometimes your operating systems forget to install such updates and even don’t remind you to install them manually.

To do so, use the Cortana bar to open Device Manager on Windows 10. Inside the opened tab, select Sound, video and game controllers. Open the sound card and navigate to the Driver tab. Here, you will discover the Update Driver button, click on it and wait for the updating process.

When your sound card is updated properly, you just need to restart your PC and see if the problem is solved. If you are still having this trouble, you can always uninstall the sound drivers and then reinstall them.

Updating Sound Card Drivers in Windows 10

Activating Windows 10 OS

If your Windows operating systems product key has expired, you must try to activate it before its too late. Because if that’s the case, you will be unable to receive the fully prepared Windows 10 updates which are available to solve such issues. For that, we have prepared a full guide, you just need to click here.

Activating Windows 10 OS

Using Generic high definition Audio Drivers

In case, your Windows 10 is not picking the right sound/audio drivers, you are allowed to install them manually. This task can only be achieved by navigating again to the Windows 10 device manager. Because you are allowed to enable/update all sorts of drivers.

For such a cause, open the installed sound drivers. Now for updating them, it’s time you select the browse option and select them by yourself. Several high definition drivers will appear on the screen, you just need to select the appropriate one to get rid of the sound problem.

Solve Audio Issues in Windows 10

Solving Cortana & Microphone Issues

Cortana expands the beauty of Windows 10 operating systems. Because it’s the only virtual assistant that’s the official product of Microsoft. As it is made to work through voice commands, you are required to have a fully working microphone. So it’s another audio problem you may be facing in Windows 10.

To get of this problem, you first need to check as if your microphone output device is excepted by the PC. For that, you need to Open sound settings and check as if the output device is selected by the OS or not. If not, just change it from the microphone options. But if you want to make changes in Cortana settings, just click once on the appearing right beside the Windows search bar.

Solving Cortana & Microphone Issues in Windows 10

Staying Up-To-Date

If nothing seems to work, you just need to be patient and wait for the next Windows 10 updates. They are delivered from time to time, you can also check for them inside your PC’s settings. Also, if the Microsoft team discover that users are having a particular problem, they may deliver the next update in a short period.

Final Thoughts: That is all on the guide of How To Solve Audio Issues in Windows 10. You are allowed to ask for suggestions if you having another sound/audio issues in Windows 10. Else, we would love that you share our posts on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Thanks.