Some Pixel Users Are Locked Out Of Their Phones Due To A Nasty Error

It appears that some Pixel users have a problem with a PIN error on the lock screen that does not recognize the correct PIN and sends them back to the lock screen continuously. Device owners have posted complaints on the Pixel Phone help page. The error was detected in the Pixel XL models, but there were also many complaints from those who own phones in the Pixel 2 or Pixel 3 line.

The devices in question work with Android 10 or Android 9 and when the user touches the correct PIN, the screen goes black; When the user wakes up the phone, he is back on the lock screen. While the use of the fingerprint scanner works and authenticates the user, after a reboot, the phone asks the user to enter their PIN numbers. Furthermore, after a certain period of time, the PIN code is requested without unlocking the phone.

“My new Pixel XL suddenly stopped allowing me to use my pin to unlock it. I am definitely using the right pin. If I try a different pin, it tells me I have the wrong pin. When I try the correct pin it goes to a black screen then back to my lock screen. I have only had this phone since August 20. I have read all the threads I can see on this issue and it seems to be a big problem with no solution so far. I have tried all the suggestions except resetting as restoring from Google still means a lot of time and effort for me. I don’t want to be doing this every couple weeks. I was really enjoying this phone, but if this doesn’t have a quick fix, I will be going back to a more reliable brand.”- Melisa Nichols

Google’s solution to the problem has certainly not made Pixel owners happy

Some Pixel Users Are Locked Out Of Their Phones Due To A Nasty Error

Earlier this month, a Google product expert replied to one of the Pixel users affected by this lock screen error and wrote the two ugliest words in the history of smartphone ownership: “factory reset”. This problem has been ongoing since the end of August and even today there have been a couple of new complaints posted on the page. A Pixel XL owner had to restore everything that was deleted from his phone when he completed a factory reset. This, he said, was annoying because the model in hand was a replacement that Google sent him after his first Pixel XL entered a loop and crashed.

These stories are not exactly what Google wants consumers to read just three weeks before the October 15th Made by Google event. During this great show, the company will launch the new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. And this time, Google believes it has designed a phone that belongs to the highest level of premium smartphone models along with Apple’s iPhone and flagship Samsung Galaxy. And although every time every model has errors and problems, pixels do not have a great reputation, especially when they are released for the first time. Who could forget the burnt screen of the Pixel 2 XL or the strange clicking noises heard during phone calls made and received by the Pixel 2. Of course, Google has corrected these problems with a software update (well, except for the Pixel 2 XL screen) and extended warranty on some models from one year to two. But when you’re convinced that your phones are now ready to play in the same limited environment as the big ones, you’ll also need consumers to feel safe.

It is hoped that Google will provide a better answer to the pixel owners affected by the PIN lock screen error than to perform a factory reset.

(Via: Android Police)

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