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Steam Link For iOS And Apple TV Released: Download Now

Although Apple turned it down a year ago, Valve’s Steam Link app is now available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

steam-link for apple

The app lets users broadcast their games from a PC or Mac through a local network connection. When Valve tried to make Steam Link available via iOS and tvOS last year, the App Store review team encountered resistance.

At that time, the app was rejected, with the conviction, that it was an Apple case that did not want to allow users of their devices to play games that had not been purchased through their stores.

However, Apple’s vice president of global marketing, Phil Schiller, stated in an e-mail to customers that the app violated the rules of the App Store. It has always been assumed that the violation of the rule occurred by allowing the purchase of games without cutting Apple.

Steam Link App Available For Download

Schiller said that Apple was working with Valve to try to solve the problems, and now we have the app available for anyone who wants it. We don’t know what the delay was, but it’s here now at least.

If you want to try the Steam Link app, you can download it for free and it will work over a cable connection or over a good 5 GHz Wi-Fi network.

Steam Link

You will need a lot of bandwidth to work properly, so keep that in mind when you try it. If you usually fight to broadcast video on the other side of your garden, you won’t be able to play either.

Download from App Store: Steam Link for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

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