Stock Android Won’t Get Scrolling Screenshots Because Google says it’s ‘infeasible’

Scrolling Screenshots are a standout amongst the most requested features in stock Android, enabling users to catch a lengthy article, message thread or whatever else that doesn’t fit in a standard screenshot. Shockingly, Google has affirmed that it won’t bring the feature any time soon.


In a Google issue tracker thread, a user asked the Mountain View firm to execute the feature. Unfortunately, Google’s possible reaction was to change the feature request’s status to “won’t fix (infeasible).”

“Indeed, thank you for presenting the feature request. In the wake of following up with our item and engineering teams, the feature request will not be able to be considered right now,” the company included.

It’s a really disappointing outcome, as the likes of Huawei, LG, OnePlus, Samsung, and Xiaomi have locally offered this feature for quite a while now. Truth to be told, the Galaxy Note 5 was one of the first phones to offer scrolling screenshots back in 2015.

Also Raed:

Google has been working hard on Android Q, bringing us redesigned permissions, Wi-Fi sharing via QR codes, and a superior sharing menu. So it’s not like the Mountain View company is perched staring its hands while Android OEMs convey features to the table. All things considered, the way that the firm isn’t conveying scrolling screenshots to Android Q definitely stings a bit.

This isn’t the only significant feature missing from stock Android, as app twin functionality, framework profiles, screen-off gestures, and Samsung-style game tools are largely missing as well. What would you want to see in stock Android? Let us know in the comments!