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T-Mobile Cuts Loose On Verizon

Since T-Mobile CEO John Legere called crap the AT&T network at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, the executive has not been shy about calling T-Mobile’s rivals. Although we do not believe that recordings of this sort of thing are kept, we would say that AT&T and its CEO Randall Stephenson were Legere’s favorite punching bags. The best shot could have been the thinnest; For the first of April this year, T-Mobile announced that it would install soundproof booths throughout the country known as PhoneBoothE. In a video, Legere basically said that you know that Phone BoothE is real because T-Mobile added an “E” at the end of the name. This, of course, was an opportunity for AT&T to use a 5G E icon on phones connected to its 5G Evolution network. This is not a 5G network, but it is actually an improved 4G LTE pipe; The use of the icon can confuse consumers in thinking that they are actually running 5G speeds, which of course is not the case.

Today, it turns out that the important carrier Verizon is the subject of Legere’s attention. T-Mobile has created a complete website designed to look like the Big Red site, its sources and everything. Instead of Verizon, the name of the operator is changed to verHIDEzon. And a red question mark is replacing the iconic red checkmark Verizon. T-Mobile is not bringing prisoners here. Read the beginning of the copy on the site. “Welcome to VerHIDEzon. Where you pay more for 5G … So, guess where to find it. It’s so simple. We believe in charging a 5G premium, without telling you where you will have coverage. We announce the cities that have 5G, we charge more to our customers take it and then let them ask where it is, we offer 5G in some football stadiums, but where will it work exactly there?

T-Mobile is the fastest growing of the four major wireless carriers in the US


T-Mobile can chase rivals like this for a couple of reasons. One, their rivals are so buttoned that if they weren’t taught these tactics at the B-School, they wouldn’t dare to consider doing so. And above all, T-Mobile can talk and talk. This is because it has moved from the fourth and most forgettable wireless service provider in the US. The most innovative and fastest-growing supplier in the US and now you just have to overcome another obstacle to complete your merger with Sprint.

As we said, T-Mobile is not playing. The company placed a VerHIDEzon billboard in Times Square and published advertisements on the side of trucks and bus kiosks. Will Verizon respond? Do not count on it.

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