How to Fix Common AirPods Problems


The Apple AirPods are probably the best obvious remote earbuds available, however, like anything in this world, they aren’t without a lot of shortcomings. Similarly, as with anything that is remote, the AirPods can glitch because of no genuine issue of their own. Try not to rush to hurl them, however. Regardless of whether your … Read more

Investors Impressed By The New iPhone Models

iPhone sales

Overall, Apple’s stock declines after its new product event in September. This is because speculators generally raise the stock price in anticipation of what the new iPhones could bring. Once the new phones are introduced, disappointment is triggered and the speculators are launched madly towards the exit. It may not be a popular opinion, especially … Read more

Huawei Off The Table During US-China Trade Talks


In mid-May, the US Department of Commerce included the Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei in the entity list and banned it in its US supply chain. Although this was done for security purposes (Huawei is considered a threat to national security in the US because the Chinese communist government could ask it to gather information), it … Read more

Pre-order and Release Dates For The Apple iPhone 2019 Have Been Leaked


Apple has already sent invitations to the upcoming event on September 10th. In this case, we should see the company present the 2019 iPhones. A source claiming to work in one of the major operators states that the pre-orders will start on September 13th with the actual launch date scheduled for September 20th. This is … Read more

Apple Said to Ready Camera-Focused New iPad Lineup, Larger MacBook Pro


Apple is preparing a clutch of new hardware for the coming many months, including “Pro” iPhones, upgrades to iPads and its biggest laptop in years. The Cupertino, California-based technology mammoth is planning to declare three new iPhones at an event next month, as per to people familiar with the circumstance. The handsets will likely go … Read more

According To Reports, Apple Cancels The ‘Walkie-Talkie’ Feature For 2019 iPhone

Apple reportedly cancels 'Walkie-Talkie' feature for the 2019 iPhones

A recently released report reveals that Apple has stopped working on a project that would allow two nearby iPhone users to communicate with each other, even in areas without cellular connectivity. It was rumored that Apple was working on the project with Intel. Using long-distance radio waves, the two iPhones could exchange text messages in … Read more

Analyst Says That Trump’s Tweet On Friday Was A Gut Punch To Apple

Apple iPhone XR sequel

Last Friday, US President Donald Trump was shocked that China had taken revenge against its latest tariff declaration. Thus, the president sent a tweet in which he “ordered” US companies to withdraw from China. Although it is unclear whether the president has this power (Trump’s economic consultant, Lawrence Kudlow, says yes), the tweet could have … Read more

Trump Tweeted An Order To US Companies That Could Devastate Apple


Apple shares fell nearly $10 or 4.62% today after US President Donald Trump tweeted “ordering” US companies to stop doing business in China. While the president is not a dictator and cannot simply tweet such an order, the fear is that he will do something within the powers of the president and force US companies … Read more

Sony Acquires Expected AirPods 3 With New Wireless Buds

AirPods 3

Apple is expected to announce a new set of wireless outbreaks to complete the upgraded model of AirPods. Some AirPods parts have been contracted for the current edition until 2020, analysts say, suggesting that Apple has no intention of replacing its spring chicken with any AirPods (2/3?) that they should announce in the fall with … Read more

The iPhone 11 can replace the main display feature with an inferior alternative

Haptic Touch

Apple introduced 3D Touch four years ago on the iPhone 6s and has since become an important part of almost all subsequent iPhone models. But this year can no longer be the case. Say Hello to Haptic Touch It was rumored before that Apple is expecting to remove from all 3D Touch from all 2019 … Read more

2019 iPhones could allow dual Bluetooth audio connections

Apple is now working to provide the iPhone 11 the ability to simultaneously send audio to two Bluetooth devices, according to a new Macotakara report. Currently, iPhones can be paired with multiple devices, but they can be connected to only one at a time. If this report is accurate, the iPhone 11 will be able … Read more

New look rumored for Apple iPhone XR sequel

Apple iPhone XR sequel

Although we have no idea of ​​the name that Apple will use for the 2019 version of its “cheaper or we can more affordable” iPhone XR, potential users include the iPhone XR (2019), the iPhone XR 2 and the iPhone 11R. For now, this latter seems as much as possible, so, for the purposes of … Read more

This 3-In-1 AirPower to Charger Your iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods Or Android Device


You don’t need to be virtuous to understand that Apple has made somewhat of a hash of releasing Airpower, its own 3-in-1 charging solution for iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Declared just about an entire one and a half year ago and dropped a month ago in an uncommon move for the company, the charger … Read more

User Accidentally Swallows AirPods And They Still ‘Magically’ Work In The Stomach


Some of the times a story gives the idea that you simply accept is an Onion article, however, isn’t. That is the situation today following the news that a Taiwanese man gulped an AirPods and afterward….recovered it. Despite everything it still works. You’re likely asking how he swallowed the AirPod in any case, and that … Read more