Huawei Mate 30 Pro Is Official: Extraordinary Cameras, 5G Support, But No Google Apps


After a long summer full of big leaks and crazy voices, Huawei’s latest beast, Mate 30 Pro, has finally arrived and is ready to compete with iPhone 11 Pro and Galaxy Note 10. The flagship is based on the success of the Mate 20 Pro of last year maintaining a series of important features, but … Read more

Huawei Mate 30 Pro Will Record Slow-Motion Videos At An Absurd Speed Of 7,680 fps

Mate 30 Pro

Huawei should make the new Mate 30 line official in just two days and as we get closer to the event new images and specifications have been leaked. ITHome has published a photo of the support that will be used when the phone will be shown in the media during Thursday’s event and the specs … Read more

Galaxy Note 10 Sales Exceed Expectations, Beating All Galaxy S And Note Records In One Country

Galaxy Note 10

For the first time since 2014, the Galaxy Note family includes two different models. Three if the Note 10+ enabled for the 5G also counts, although unlike the Galaxy S10 5G, that bad boy is essentially identical to the 4G LTE variant in all aspects only, apart from connectivity. And of course, there’s also a … Read more

Have A Look At Today’s Batch Of Google Pixel 4 XL Images

Pixel 4 XL

Apparently, a store in Vietnam called D Store Mobile was the source of many of the Pixel 4 XL leaks that have recently passed. While telling The Verge that the device is not a fake, the retailer admitted that it is a “test model” and not the final version of the phone that should be … Read more

It Is Said That The Hardware For The Missing Apple iPhone Feature Is Disabled Within The Phones

It Is Said That The Hardware For The Missing Apple iPhone Feature Is Disabled Within The Phones

For much of this year, we continue to feel that Apple’s 2019 iPhone would have a wireless reverse charge (also known as bilateral wireless charging). This feature was released for the first time on Huawei Mate 20 Pro 2018 and Samsung called Wireless PowerShare for the Samsung Galaxy S10 series and Galaxy Note 10. Reverse … Read more

These Are Some Of The Features That Failed To Make A Cut At The New Apple Product Event

iPhone 2019

The seats are empty at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino when Apple finished its new event produced hours ago. And, of course, all the stories will mention the new features found in the iPhone 2019, the seventh-generation iPad and the Apple Watch Series 5. But as for the new features that analysts and experts … Read more

The iPhone 11 Pro Could Be Launched In A Gradient Color Similar To The Galaxy Note 10

iPhone 11 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro is available in a range of shaded colors and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 can be purchased in the exclusive Aura Glow finish. Very soon, these flagships will face strong competition from the iPhone 11 Pro which, according to the latest escape, will also be sold in a degraded color. Reportedly, in … Read more

Verizon Note 10+ 5G Teardown Reveals The Bezel-Killing Genius Of Samsung


Long last! The first disassembly of the Galaxy Note 10 is here and answers many urgent questions. The smart iFixit have got the most complex model: The Note 10+ 5G for Verizon and have revealed what we suspected and what Samsung suggests in the manual. In case you’re wondering what, it’s talking about, it’s the … Read more

Battery Capacity Has Been Leaked For Huawei Mate 30 And Mate 30 Pro

huawei mate 30

Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro could be presented by Huawei on September 19th. Recently, a very masked Mate 30 Pro was photographed while traveling on the subway with its circular camera module hidden by a plastic door. The 6.7-inch AMOLED screen has a ‘waterfall screen’ with the edges falling at an angle of … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10+ Start Receiving a Software Update Ahead of Release

Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10+

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ are purportedly getting a software update in front of their August 23 accessibility. The new update is said to take off in European markets, and it conveys the version number N97*FXXU1ASH5. It brings along improved fingerprint recognition, stability of camera, touch screen execution, and August Android … Read more

Many Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Owners Will Have To Wait For An Accessory Until Next Month


As many of you already know, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series includes a feature that Samsung calls Super-Fast Charging. This means that the Galaxy Note 10 charges at 25 W when connected to a socket using the 25 W charging adapter supplied with the phone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ charges up to 45 … Read more

Reportedly, Samsung’s Aura Blue Galaxy Note 10+ Will Arrive In Europe

Aura Bluea Galaxy Note 10+

It is very clear to Samsung that it normally buys a Galaxy Note. Usually, this is a person who knows how much RAM and which graphics processor is in your phone. The typical Note owner also loves using a stylus to write memos or draw on the fly and appreciate the large screens that are … Read more

Samsung Insists That Galaxy Home Is Not Dead

Galaxy Note 10

In addition to the beloved headphone jack and the sometimes-useful MicroSD card slot (the latter only in the smaller Galaxy Note 10 variant), Samsung has specifically removed the universally despised dedicated Bixby button with the introduction of new high end from the company (trio if we also have the Note 10+ enabled for 5G). Of … Read more