Google Maps Incognito Mode Is Being Tested For Those Who Don’t Want To Know Where They Are


Google Chrome has an incognito mode that allows users to browse the net privately. Even another person with whom you could share the same device may not discover that you are reviewing the latest news on Google Pixel 4 because you plan to pre-order one. Not only will your browsing history be protected from prying … Read more

9 Best Family Locator Apps for Android and iOS [Updated]

Family Locator Apps

We all want to know that our family is safe at all times and at some point in our life we need to know that it is a never-ending process between granting freedom to your loved ones and wanting them to always be at your line of sight. And for that reason, family locator apps … Read more

How to Check Traffic to Work or Home on Google Maps

How to Check Traffic to Work or Home on Google

If you want to check before leaving home what is the traffic to work to plan your trip we explain how to do it with Google Maps. Google Maps has become one of those essential applications for most of us.¬†Thanks to this App, the simplicity and ease with which we can reach the sites is … Read more