iOS 12.2 No Longer Being Signed By Apple, Here’s What You Need To Know

iOS 12.2

It’s taken Apple a little more over ten days yet the Cupertino-based business has officially stopped signing iOS 12.2. The choice to no longer sign iOS 12.2 comes after Apple released iOS 12.3 into the open area on May 13, and afterward iOS 12.3.1 earlier today. This is typical Apple conduct and for the most … Read more

Jailbreak Status Update After iOS 12.2 Release, Here’s What You Need to Know

jailbreak status

Between Apple and jailbreakers shows no signs of ending their cat and mouse game in immediate future but it also seems that with latest iOS 12.2 release the Cupertino-based company has taken the advantage. According to the unc0ver lead developer on Pwn2ownd that the jailbreakers on latest devices could have a “really hard time” jailbreaking anything beyond … Read more

iOS 12.2 Beta 6 Code Suggests Apple AirPower Charger Releasing Very Soon

iOS 12.2 beta 6

AirPower has become a uniform for many of us nowadays but you need to keep this mind here. This may look like the AirPower might be right around the corner this time. This is all because of the sixth iOS 12.2 beta show changes that recently got released and that could have AirPower launching soon. … Read more