How to Enable Iconic Mac Startup Chime On Your MacBook

Mac Startup Chime

If you are feeling the loss of Mac’s iconic startup chime are still totally baffled why it was evacuated by Apple, then this straightforward Terminal order may present to you some delight. One single line, entered in Mac’s Terminal app, will promptly bring back the iconic chime. For one reason or another, Apple concluded that … Read more

It Is Said That The Apple iPad Will Get A Long Missing Native Feature In iOS 13

apple ipad

Unless you have an Apple iPad, and even if you do, you may not have realized that the tablet was shipped without a native calculator app. Obviously, such an important utility function is available when installing an app for the third-party calculator. But according to a tweet from @PineLeaks, a self-proclaimed “Apple leaker” on Twitter, … Read more

Apple Expands Keyboard Repairs to Newer Models of MacBook


Apple said on Tuesday it will fix typing-related issues in ‘butterfly’ keyboards for an extended set of laptops, that incorporates newer versions of MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro models. “Apple has determined that a little level of percentage of the keyboards in certain MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro models at least one or … Read more