YouTube is working on a feature called ‘Shorts’ to take on TikTok


TikTok was excessively popular even before lockdowns and quarantines became effective across the globe due to the global coronavirus pandemic. And now it seems like YouTube is ready to take on the short video sharing help. The Information is detailing today that YouTube is at present working on another feature that will be baked into … Read more

YouTube Music is now supporting Siri integration

YouTube Music

Apple rolled out some significant improvements with iOS 13, one of the greatest being permitting outsider music gushing apps to work straightforwardly with Siri. This implies individuals who would prefer not to use Apple Music, and lean toward alternatives like Spotify or YouTube Music, can use their voice to ask Siri to start playing a … Read more

Download Youtube++ on iPhone/iPad | Install Youtube IPA for iOS

Youtube++ for iPhone

Youtube is the uncrowned king of video Hosts. Approximately each and every professional or nonprofessional video uploaded on any internet platform is present on Youtube. After Google the second website which users access most is Youtube. This app comes in stock with Android and iOS. Like the Android Youtube APK file, iOS have IPA files. … Read more

10 Best YouTube Downloader for PC [2019]

Best YouTube Downloader for PC

Watching YouTube videos on your PC is probably one of the favorite things for many people since it has many HD videos that offer wonderful visual experiences. But how to download videos from YouTube remains a problem, since YouTube does not provide a simple download step. So, in this article, I have compiled the 10 … Read more

Facebook, Google, Twitter Executives Says They’re Acting Faster on Extremist Content

Facebook, Google, Twitter

Executives of Facebook, Google, and Twitter told Congress on Wednesday that they’ve shown signs of improvement and quicker at recognizing and evacuating rough fanatic substance on their social media stages notwithstanding mass shootings filled by contempt. Questioned at a meeting by the Senate Commerce Committee, the executives said they are burning money on technology to … Read more

Google Maps Incognito Mode Is Being Tested For Those Who Don’t Want To Know Where They Are


Google Chrome has an incognito mode that allows users to browse the net privately. Even another person with whom you could share the same device may not discover that you are reviewing the latest news on Google Pixel 4 because you plan to pre-order one. Not only will your browsing history be protected from prying … Read more

Only See Videos From YouTube Channels You Have Subscribed To [ Guide ]


The YouTube home page was the source of much love and hate from the start of this site. In the early stages of the site appearing on the front page could be a channel and it was one of the best ways to be discovered. The curated content has been presented regularly and seen often. … Read more

Facebook, YouTube to Act on ‘Sensational’ Health Cures After Report


Facebook and YouTube said Tuesday they were moving to decrease the spread of deceiving health care claims after a media report demonstrated the proliferation of bogus cancer cures on social media. Facebook said it made changes to its page-ranking algorithm to lessen “posts with misrepresented or electrifying health claims” and attempts to sell items based … Read more

Make a Poll on YouTube Channel [ Tutorial ]

youtube polls

If you are looking for some ways to engage with your YouTube subscribers? Then don’t skip this article, read until the end to find out how you can make a poll on your Youtube channel that will help you to engage the audience more in your content. Have you heard of the YouTube Community tab? … Read more

YouTube Erased History in Its Fight Against White Supremacy


A week ago, YouTube launched a crackdown on white supremacists and purveyors of tricks. It brought down a huge number of videos and channels that highlighted Holocaust denial and promoted Nazi systems. Yet, Rather than praise, the execution of another hate speech policy managed to figure out a wide array of would-be supporters: Some of … Read more

YouTube Returning To Amazon Fire TV, Prime Video To Google Chromecast

YouTubeAmazon Fire TV, Prime Video

It’s amazing news for the users of Amazon Fire TV, that YouTube is returning finally. Amazon Prime Video will also be heading towards the other way, with support for Chromecast being added while also becoming more widely available for those who use Android TV. This news spread when both Amazon and YouTube made an announcement … Read more

Youtube Next Big Update Might Bring Choose Your Own Adventure Content and Technologies

ap_resize (2)

Google has been squirming around with its premium content techniques for YouTube. According to a recent report by Karner claims that it has cut scripted shows from its financial plan in favor of cheaper programming. But today the storyline has taken another turn as YouTube has announced an invasion into choose-your-own-adventure programming. According to the … Read more

10 Free YouTube Alternative Sites 2019

10 Free YouTube Alternative Sites 2019

Youtube is the most known and popular site for video streaming and the dominant platform to watch videos online. You can easily watch any type of video on YouTube and now people have started the business on Youtube as well. There are many people who are immune to use YouTube and we don’t think there … Read more

5 Ways To Unblock YouTube Videos At School Or Any Organization

How Unblock YouTube Videos at School or Any Organization

If you are wondering to find out the solution that can work for you to unblock YouTube. Then you are in the right spot as you will learn about the several methods that we are going to discuss today. You can easily get help from these methods that will definitely work for you. So, this … Read more