This Leak of Galaxy Note 10 Points Towards Incredibly Thin Bezels

Less than two months after the news of the announcement of the Galaxy Note 10, a protective film was shown online for the next Samsung flagship which confirms the presence of extremely fine bevels.

galaxy note 10

Incredibly thin bevels and a slightly larger chin

As indicated by previous leaks, Samsung seems to point to a more obvious curved edge on the display of the Galaxy Note 10 which will be combined with the finest side frames possible. These extend to the top of the front panel creating a fairly uniform appearance. However, contrary to recent reports, it appears that the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Pro have no upper and lower symmetrical bevel.

If the protective film is accurate, the chin on the next flagships will actually be a little bigger than the surrounding bevels. This corroborates the recent Ice Universe claims that the chin represented in recent CAD-based returns was quite exaggerated. However, the implementation is far from being thick.

The chin on the Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Pro are measured at 4.1 mm. This is only 0.2mm thicker than Apple’s chin on the iPhone XS and an impressive 0.8mm thinner than the chin found on the Galaxy S10. Ultimately, this means that thanks to the remaining bezels, the Galaxy Note 10 must have one of the highest proportions between screen and body.

Although not shown due to lack of data at this point, the next Galaxy Note 10 line should take a small hole above the phone’s display. However, instead of placing it in the upper right corner, Samsung has moved the trim to the center of the panel. The expectation is that the hole is slightly smaller than the one in the Galaxy S10, but this information has not yet been confirmed by a credible leak.

Important design changes are also designed for the rear

galaxy s10

In addition to some drastic changes that Samsung has planned for the front of its next-generation flagships, there are several changes to the rear. To be more specific it is said that the South Korean company is abandoning the horizontal camera setup found in the Galaxy Note 8 and, in the Galaxy Note 9 in favor of a new vertical design located in the upper left corner.

At the moment it is not clear why Samsung has chosen to redesign the layout of the camera in the Galaxy Note 10, but it is probably a combination of two factors. First and perhaps most importantly, the new look helps to separate the Galaxy Note 10 series from the Galaxy S10 line. Although Samsung has chosen to use a vertical design in the Galaxy S9 series, the latter has abandoned it due to this year’s battery limits, creating a device that looked a lot like last year’s Galaxy Note 9.

Another factor that probably played an important role is Samsung’s desire to include larger batteries in their Galaxy Note smartphones. The company has gone last year with the Galaxy Note 9 feature, but moving the rear sensors to the corner should allow a much higher cell, thus increasing its capacity in the process.

While talking about batteries, it is worth noting that, apparently, another controversial decision was made to maximize capacity. Almost three years after Apple withdrew the headphone jack for the first time, it appears that Samsung will leave the door on the Galaxy Note 10. The move should release a significant amount of space inside the phone, but it will disappoint some of the most loyal fans.

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