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Is TikTok becoming the New Instagram?

Tik Tok and Instagram are pretty the same if we compare the content on them. Although Instagram has billion of users, alongside TikTok is giving a tough time to Insta with 1.5 Billion users all around the world. TikTok got merged with Musically who was a popular app at its time.

Let’s Start the Comparison with Networth:

Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger back in 2010. Later, Facebook Bought Instagram for 1 Billion dollars. The company was not generating much profit before. But, once FaceBook acquired it they took a crap to the crown of the internet. Now in the current era, Instagram Networth is estimated at 100 Billion USD, according to Investopedia.com.

TikTok Becoming New Instagram

On the other hand, TikTok is the production of Bytedance, a Chinese based giant technology firm. This app was initially introduced in September 2016. There is a misconception among users that the TikTok value is 75 Billion USD. Actually the amount is the networth of whole Bytedance not only of TikTok.

So if we compare Instagram and TikTok in money power than Instagram is far ahead than TikTok. It’s like comparing the muscles of Hulk and spiderman. We can’t say that TikTok is a new Instagram from this point of view.

The Content Difference:

One of the main differences between TikTok and Instagram is content. Instagram content is enriched with Photos, Videos, Stories, etc. On the other hand, the TikTok app is just a dubbing studio.

Instagram user’s age variations are extremely flexible. From the 13 years old kid to the elder generation, every age of user can be seen on Insta. A large number of celebrities share their shoots, video shoots, etc on Instagram. So, we can say Content Variety and uniqueness is more on Instagram.

On the other hand, TikTok mainly focuses on Video and music dubbing. Here, people show their acting, impressions and lipsync skills.

In conclusion to this comparison, Instagram is still on lead than TikTok.

Revenue Battle:

This is the silliest comparison of Instagram and TikTok. Because in this competition, TikTok can never compete with Instagram. Instagram is totally on another level of business. Like Facebook, Instagram is also earning by running ads. Sponsors pay alot of money to Instagram for the advertisement of their product. You may have noticed the sponsored pages and ads on your Instagram News Feeds. Other than ads, they earn massive amounts from the database.

TiKtok new Instagram

On the other hand, the declared source of TikTok income is in-app purchases only. The TikTok app offers premium items to the professional TikTokers. The professional pay money for top-notch services.

The whole online world’s major source of income is sponsored ads. And, Instagram is one of the most valuable advertisers ever. So, there is no chance currently that TikTok even came near to Instagram in terms of earning.

Users DataBase and Stats Comparison:

If we compare the initial days of both apps than TikTok is ahead from Instagram from a massive lead. Infact TiKTok is the quickest one to gain 500 million downloads benchmark. TikTok is still the most downloaded app on iOS. On the other hand, Instagram was not good in initial days.


TiKtok new Instagram

But, if we compare Instagram and TikTok stats now than again Instagram is on massive lead. According to the latest Instagram Facts and Figures, Insta contains 500 million-plus active users daily. Monthly, there are 1 Billion active users on Insta according to Techcrunch.

While TikTok Stats are not so impressive now. Infact the number of users on TikTok is decreasing day by day. There is not so much variation in the content on TikTok. That’s why users have started feeling boredom.


You have read the whole discussion on the comparison between Instagram and TikTok. Now it’s you to decide does it worth to say TikTok becoming a new Instagram. In our opinion, TikTok can never reach the level of Instagram, unless they change the whole app interface. TikTok needs to bring more variety in content. They need more investment and more revenue generation. After that, maybe they will become able to claim the new Instagram Title.