Top 10 Must-Have Apps for One Plus 7 Pro

Top 10 Apps for One Plus 7 Pro

Top 10 Must-Have Apps for One Plus 7 Pro

Apps for One Plus 7 Pro has surfaced as one of the stylish phones this time. We’ve seen that other brands give minor changes in their models. But One plus has different geste
in this case. They’ve fully changed their rearmost models. And these models have proved themselves as amazing entries.

One Plus 7 has all the specifications which are set up in this range of phones. But still, these specifications and functions can not do everything. At this position, your phone needs some third- party apps. So moment we will bandy a many must- have apps for One Plus 7 Pro.

Top 10 Must-Have Apps for One Plus 7 Pro

In this post, we’re going to bandy Top 10 Must- Have Apps for One Plus 7 Pro. These apps will really help you in adding the effectiveness of your mobile. You’ll be suitable to perform those functions which aren’t erected- in in One Plus 7 Pro.

Firefox Focus

Rating: 4.2

Price: Free

First of all, we will start with browsing. utmost of the druggies want sequestration in their browsing. For this purpose, they typically elect the option of a new incognito tab. moment we’re going to tell you about an app that provides fully private browsing. This helps in avoiding prickly adds on different websites. When adds will be avoided, smaller data will be needed to load a runner. And it’ll load these runners fastly.

In this app, you do n’t need to open a separate incognito tab for this purpose. It’ll be a total change script for chrome druggies, but they will also acclimate after some time. So anyone having One Plus 7 Pro must- have Firefox Focus as a cybersurfer.

Download Fire fox


Rating: 4.6

Price: Free

In recent times, we’ve observed that phone manufacturers are having a great focus on cameras of phones. Same is the case with One Plus 7 Pro. It has a great camera. But another important component in beautifying the print is a print editor. This phone has also a erected- in print editor. The erected- in app has numerous functions but at some stage like opening raw lines, you’ll need some app for editing. For this purpose, Snapseed is one of the stylish options.

It’s really helpful in opening raw filmland. Snapseed saves them without destroying or exports them into JPG format. This print editor has a lot of functions like raw develop, tune image, crop, rotate, perspective, white balance, textbook, etc.

Download Snapseed


Rating: 4.8

Price: Free

Numerous times surveying machines aren’t around us. But we need scrutinized documents. Especially if you’re a professional or a pupil, also surveying documents is a necessary part of your life. For this purpose, numerous apps have been introduced and Camscanner is one of them. It fulfills the need for a scanning machine. This app implements its own image cropping and enhancing algorithms.

By using this app, you can snappily digitize your documents. These scrutinized images have clear and sharp textbooks. You can fluently partake these documents or their links in different ways. It also supports pall platforms similar as google drive, dropbox, etc. So One Plus 7 Pro druggies should install this app.

Download Camscanner


Ratings: 4.3

Price: Free

In routine life, numerous times we need across-platform transfer of data. SHAREit is one of the stylish apps used for this purpose. This app can transfer all types of lines similar as prints, vids, audios, installed apps, etc in a short time. It’s 200 times faster than Bluetooth without losing quality.

It has an excellent videotape player along with a music player. Another salient point of this app is that it discovers the rearmost music for the stoner. This app will pierce authorization to position and Bluetooth function only. So it can discover near druggies.

Download Shareit


Ratings: 4.3

Price: Free

Still, also OfficeSuite is a must- download for you, If you’re a Microsoft product stoner. It’s a free and utmost downloaded app on google play store. With the help of this app, you can view, edit and produce Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents. Other than this you can also perform different functions related to Pdf format.

OfficeSuite can export Pdf lines to Word or Excel. Along with this, it can also convert lines of these formats into Pdf. This app will show some advertisements but they won’t disturb you during work. It also has a erected- in spell checker. These features make it a must- have app for One Plus 7 Pro druggies.

Download Office Suite

MX Player

Rating: 4.5

Price: New

MX player is one of the stylish audio and videotape player available on Google play store. It supports different cutline formats similar as DVD, DVB, SSA/ ASS. Audio formats supported by this app are MP3, AC- 3, AAC, etc along with mottoes . Another unique point of this app is that you can fluently zoom heft and zoom out the vids. Other than this you can scroll for coming or former vids.

This app is free. App has a unique point of sprat cinch. With the help of this point, you can fluently give your phones to children without fussing about their abuse of call, communication or any other app.

Download MX Player

Solid Explorer File Manager

Rating: 4.5

Price: Free

One Plus 7 Pro has numerous features and specifications but there are some areas that need third- party apps. For illustration, it lacks a handy binary panel with which you can move and copy content from one window to another. So the result to this problem is a solid discoverer train director app. It’s a free app that has two separate panels. These panels act as train cybersurfers.

This app is rich with customization options like icons, color schemes, themes, etc. It has the capability to prize translated zip lines similar as ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR and TAR. And it can also produce word- defended ZIP and 7ZIP lines.

Download File Manager


Rating: 4.4

Price: Free

Still, KineMaster is one of the stylish apps, If you have any interest in videotape editing. This app is used for professional videotape editing. The app has multiple features similar as multiple videotape layers, special goods, textbook, handwriting, etc. These features are streamlined daily. You can add voiceovers, background music, voice changers, and sound goods.

It gives you the option of reversing the vids. Other than this it can export 4k 2160p videotape at 30 FPS. Speed can be controlled for time- lapse and slow- stir vids. So with these features, it’s another must- have app for One Plus 7 Pro.

Download Kin Master


Rating: 4.2

Price: Free

If you’re a knowledge candidate also Quora is the stylish place for you. This app is a Q&A platform. It has a veritably clean and simple interface. druggies of this app can ask questions regarding any content. They will be answered with proper and authentic answers.

Other than this, druggies can also partake their knowledge on this app. You can learn on this app from believable people with first- hand knowledge. So it’s also a must- have app for One Plus 7 Pro

Download Quora


Rating: 2.9

Price: Free

Bright is a free app available on the play store. This app provides pall storehouse data operation. pall store operation is a serious issue faced by druggies. This operation has different features which make it one of the stylish apps on the play store. For illustration, it sees that which lines or flyers are enwrapping utmost of the storehouse.

It also tells about the order of data that has the biggest share in stoner’s data i.e. prints, vids, etc. The app can also find duplicates that are exercising redundant space without any reason. A most important point is that it notifies that when and which train has been changed.


So these are Top 10 Must- Have Apps for One Plus 7 Pro. By these apps, you’ll be suitable to use your phone more effectively. This post will grease you in the selection of apps for your One Plus 7 Pro.