Top 10 Samsung Smart TV Apps [2020]

Due to this much enhancement in technology many new devices are released. The purpose of these devices is to ease the life of an ordinary person by providing information. Now the internet is available to everyone and the combination of the internet and these technologies have made everything easy. One of the main inventions of technology is Smart TV.

What are Smart TVs? A smart TV is also known as connected TV (CTV) is a television set with in-built internet. The TV is capable of viewing web content which allows a user to stream music, watch movies and browse the internet. Along with all these features, the device can also provide traditionally broadcasting media like a simple tv.

The main advantage of smart TV is that it can access a number of TV programs, media without needing to connect to a TV antenna. Other than that it can also provide smart features like screen sharing and Mira cast which allow users to view content from supported devices. There is use of smart TV if you don’t know the applications used in smart TVs.  These applications provide digital content like music, videos, and games. Samsung is one of the giants which makes smart TVs and it consist of its own Tizen OS for that. Many applications are available on Samsung smart TV which consists of video streaming apps, games, etc. Let me tell you about the top 10 Samsung Smart TV apps which can be used along with the screen.

Top 10 Samsung Smart TV Apps [2020]:

There are a number of applications that are supported by Samsung TV and can be used to take full advantage of this TV. Below are the applications that can be downloaded on a Samsung smart TV. These applications are free to download but some require membership.


First on the list is Youtube which was created by Google. Youtube is used for watching music videos, tutorial videos, and many other streaming related videos. Many kinds of videos are present on Youtube. One can learn to watching educational related videos. Other than that users can also watch movies on youtube which consist of many genres. Youtube is easy to use and has an outstanding interface.

Top 10 Samsung Smart TV Apps [2019]

Just like its smartphone and desktop version, Youtube is available on smart TVs. The application is supported by many different smart TV manufactures. Youtube is available on Samsung Tizen OS and is entirely free. In some parts of the world, the Youtube movies app is also available so that you can watch newly released movies. It just requires a google account for a signup, enter the details and you are good to go.


Talking about movies, Netflix is another streaming application that was created by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It is an American based media service provider. Netflix has a lot of movies, TV series available on their site. People who like to watch movies prefer this application because of its easy interface. Many top-rated shows like Stranger things, Dynasty and breaking bad are present on this application. Netflix also has its own releases known as “Orignal content”. 

Top 10 Samsung Smart TV Apps [2019]

Netflix is available on may devices like PCs, smartphones and gaming consoles. Now it can also be found in smart TVs. Netflix’s application is available for Samsung TV and can be downloaded from their store for free. You will need a membership service for this application to work on your TV.

Playstation Now:

Playstation Now is a cloud gaming service made by Sony. The service allows a user to stream games made for PS2 and PS3 on their PS4 and PC. Now, this service is available on smart TVs and by downloading this application on TV you can play many games on TV. It does this by streaming games directly from Sony’s servers.

Top 10 Samsung Smart TV Apps [2019]

Another feature of this application is you can save your games from consoles and can access these files from smart TVs. If you are a hardcore gamer or likes to play games, this application is for you. Playstation now is available for Samsung smart TV and can be downloaded from their store for free. However, it does require a membership plan in order to work on TV.


Hulu is a streaming service which is capable of providing video streaming. The service is owned and controlled by Walt Disney and was released on October 29,2007. The service contains a lot of movies and top-rated TV series. Users can also watch live news, tv shows, and sports by using this service. Members can create up to 6 profiles so that everyone can browse their shows. Users can also track their shows so that they can get news about their selected shows and movies.

Top 10 Samsung Smart TV Apps [2019]

Hulu is available on many devices such as PCs, smartphones and gaming consoles. The application can now be download for Smart TVs. With this application available on TVs you are now free of carrying your phones and laptops. Users can now stream movies directly on their TVs without needing any other devices. Hulu can be downloaded from Samsung Store entirely for free but it requires membership to work.


Spotify is a music streaming service released by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. It is a Swedish company that provides music and songs for songs lovers. When new songs are released it comes directly to Spotify and its users can enjoy those songs without the need of waiting. It comes with a lot of features like saving the song and making a playlist. Users can also download the song and play it when there is no internet.

Top 10 Samsung Smart TV Apps [2019] 

Spotify is available for many devices like smartphones. Just like its smartphones and web version, the company has released Spotify for smart TV. Samsung users can download this app directly on their TVs and stream music on that device. The app is entirely for free but a subscription fee is required for app to work.

Web Search:

Samsung has provided its users with a lot of features and applications which can be used to make your daily life better. For its smartphones, it has provided a good internet browser that can be used to search for anything you want. The company has introduced a web browser for its smart TVs known as Web search. Web search enables a user to search for a query directly from their smart TVs. You do not need any external device for searching for anything on the internet.

Top 10 Samsung Smart TV Apps [2019]


Web Search comes built-in in Samsung TVs and if you don’t have it, you can download it from their site. Web search is easy to use just like the internet browser for smartphones. You can control this browser from the TV remote. It comes with a keyboard and keyboard can be used by navigating through the remote.


iFlix was founded in 2014 and its main purpose is to provide streaming content. iFlix has a lot of top-rated movies and tv series and all of this is divided into categories. Users can also watch live TV news and sports channels on this service. One main feature of this site is its suggestion list. It gives you a suggestion related to your previous history and makes searching easy. iFlix also contains kids section which contains kids rated movies and TV shows. Relatively iFlix is cheaper than other streaming services and it aims to target the South Asian market. This means many Asian movies are available on this platform.

Top 10 Samsung Smart TV Apps [2019]

iFlix is available on many platforms like android and iOS and now it is also available for Smart TVs. You don’t have to download this application on your smartphones and cast it to the TV. iFlix can be downloaded for free on Samsung TVs for free but a subscription is required for this.


Stremio is a unique service which allows user to stream all of his videos from one place. Users can stream new movies from their devices and can browse by category. Users can also organize their movies and TV shows into libraries so that they can find content easily. They can also track their shows and can see information about the upcoming episode’s time and release date. The uniqueness of this application is all your videos are present in the application. Users can import videos from facebook, Netflix, iTunes, and Youtube and can watch them in the same application.

Top 10 Samsung Smart TV Apps [2019]

Stremio is available for smart TVs and is supported by Samsung also. Now you can watch all of your videos on a big screen. It can be download from Samsung store on TV and is available for free and without any subscription.

National Geographic:

We all know what National Geographic is but for those who don’t know. National Geographic is a service or let’s say TV channel which provides information related videos. National Geographic has a lot of media content like educational videos, technological videos, and wildlife-related videos. Shows like “How Its Made” and “Food Factory” provide information about how a factory/industry works. Running Wild is a TV show which provides information about survival. These kind of shows are useful and a lot can be learned from them.

Top 10 Samsung Smart TV Apps [2019]

National Geographic is available on many TV channels and now it is available as an app for smart TVs. Samsung store contains this application and is available for free.

HBO Now:

HBO Now is an American based streaming service operated by HBO. It provides movies and TV shows which are top-rated and cast amazing stars. The interface of the service is easy to use and provides a lot of functionality like organizing. Users can also use the track feature which shows the release date of a new episode. There are many genres available for people of different taste so that they can find what they want to watch. HBO Now also has a feature of connecting VR glasses so that users can enjoy 3D movies.

Top 10 Samsung Smart TV Apps [2019]

HBO now is available in most of the countries and is supported by many devices like android, Windows and Apple OS. Talking about Samsung Tizen smart TV, The application is also available on this platform. The application is free but a subscription is required for HBO Now to work on smart TVs.


The above-mentioned applications are for Samsung TV OS but there are other applications also made for this TV. These applications are easy to use and provide a lot of entertainment. All of the applications are entirely for free but some require subscription/membership fee.