Top 10 Video Editors for Windows

Today’s era is all about business and work. People are opening their business related to their passion. These businesses require marketing. Billboards and pamphlets are being used but the main thing is advertisement through videos. A lot of companies and factories use video advertisements for their product. These videos require a lot of attention to detail and a clear message. If the video is not properly adjusted and edited. It lowers the quality of the product. Other than that movies also require editing.These perfect editing show every inch of the detail of a specific shot.

The revolution of electronic media has also taken over the world. No one reads the newspaper and listens to the radio for news. These information related videos have to be perfect. The information should be correct and sane. Videos have to be adjusted perfectly so that viewers can see the reality. Videos are also being used for teaching purposes. Not everyone can attend schools and colleges. So in order to teach those students, videos have to be clear and perfectly organized. Another use of videos is Vlogging. Many new influencers and bloggers are coming towards the video blogging. This makes it easier to deliver the message. Vlogs and influential videos have to be edited accordingly.

Top 10 Video Editors for Windows:

There are many video editing software available. These applications help you in editing the specific video. You can arrange the frames of the video according to your requirement. Users can also add background music to these videos. Some of the software provide the drag-n-drop feature. Others provide functions like motion tracking. Filters and functions like transitions can also be added. Videos can also be edited in 4K resolution. Noise can be removed and importing media library from social apps is also available. These softwares are free. Others require a payment. Here I have combined a list of top 10 video Editors available for windows. These editors are user-friendly and have good interface.

Nero Video:

Nero video is a video editing software made by Nero AG. Simple videos can be edited in this and new videos can also be made. The editor comes with a lot of features. Filters can be applied and music can be added in the software. Other than that it also contains automatic film making features and picture to picture effect. The software also includes a media library so that you can select content for your videos. It also comes with Windows media player and iTunes integrated. Nero supports many formats like mp4 and AVI. It also lets the user create a slideshow so that the user can play it on tv.

Top 10 Video Editors for Windows

Nero is a complete video editing software. It comes with many backgrounds presets. The software is easy to use. If you are a beginner, this software is for you. Nero’s interface is easy and can be learned in minutes. Users can complete their project and upload it to the web. The software also comes with a burner. It lets you burn videos to DVDs and CDs. The module comes with cropping and cutting tool also. Nero contains all the necessary features to make your videos look cool and beautiful.

Corel VideoStudio:

Corel Videostudio is developed by Ulead Systems. This software is made for Windows OS. The editor comes with top of the line features and applications. The software allows you to create videos and edit those videos according to your requirements. One feature of the software is tracking objects. This feature lets you track an object in a video and remove it. The software also supports 4K editing and making videos for VR(virtual reality) devices. The user interface of the software is easy to understand. There are many other features like adding transitions or removing it, filters, etc.

Top 10 Video Editors for Windows

The software comes with many features. Basic editing is a mode which enables user to edit simple videos. Different formats are supported by the mode. Videos can be exported to DVD and AVCHD. The mode also supports direct DV and HD-DV capturing. Many transitions like “fade to black” and “Burn”  can be added in the videos using the software. 3D feature provides 3D transition effects and slideshow effect is also present in it. Users can also add an overlay of images or text in a video. The software can also adjust the speed of the video. Adding saturation and hue is another feature of this software which makes these videos look amazing after editing.

Filmora from Wondershare:

Filmora is another video editor which has to be present in the list due to its features. It is widely used by many creators all over the world. Users can create high-quality videos using the software. The interface of the software is easy to use. It is a good software for beginners and new bloggers. It is a powerful tool which users can use to create cool videos. It provides many outstanding features that users can use on their videos. The frame-by-frame view is a feature that lets the user view the video frame by frame.

Top 10 Video Editors for Windows

The software also supports 4K editing. Users can export and edit their videos in 4k support. Users can also make time-lapse videos and slow-motion videos in this software. Editors can also make their videos reverse using this software. Gif can also be added in the video as gif support is available in this. Creators can also tune the color and temperature of the videos. There are many other features in this software which user can make to make their video stand out. Filmora is available for Windows and as well as for smartphones.

CyberLink PowerDirector:

CyberLink PowerDirector is developed by Cyberlink. The software is used for video editing and content creating purposes. It offers a lot of powerful features which user can use to edit their videos. Users can add background music to their videos. They can also remove noise from the videos. The software is a little bit tricky to use but once learned it can be used to create amazing videos. The software is specifically for beginners and new influencers. Users can add multiple filters and layers when creating videos in this software. Transitions can also be added to the videos. Image overlay is also supported by the software

Top 10 Video Editors for Windows

One thing about the software is the user can add shapes and vector images in the videos. Motion graphics can also be added to the videos. Users can create videos specifically for Facebook and Instagram which have a specific aspect ratio. Drag-n-Drop option is also available so users can work seamlessly on their project. User can also use green screen editing methods which are available in this software. AI is also supported by the app which creates videos from placed images automatically. Mind-Blowing 360 angle videos can also be created for VR devices.

Adobe Premiere Elements:

Adobe Premiere Elements is a software which is used for editing videos. the software is developed by Adobe and is used by many of the world-renown bloggers and media industries. It comes with a lot of features that can be used to create powerful content. Software is loaded with different types of filters and presets. Users can also reduce noise effects in the videos using the drag-n-drop method. Time-lapse videos can also be created using 23 different guided edits. Dynamic video and image collages can also be created in the software. Software comes with adding titles option to make videos look outstanding

Top 10 Video Editors for Windows

Premiere Elements comes with AI sense technology which creates videos using the best scenes captured by the user. Everything in the software is organized. Videos and images get organized according to time and date. Gifs can be created and shared on social media. The software is easy to use and the interface is eye-catching. Tutorial videos are available with the software for new vloggers and content makers. It is available on Windows and on other platforms also.


Lumen5 is another easy to use software which can create amazing videos. The software is powered by AI which helps create videos. A person with no training and knowledge can use this software. It comes with many standout features like image filters and music-add. Lumen5 is perfect for social media bloggers as it creates content according to the requirement of Facebook and Instagram. Users can also add colors to the text of the video which makes the video look good. Simply entering the link of an article will fetch the content into the video.

Top 10 Video Editors for Windows

The AI feature of the software helps e.g. deciding scene length with the help of integrated text. Keyhighting can also be done which is done by machine learning. Media library is also available which helps choose subject related images and videos. Users can also match the color of their brand in their video and can add a logo or watermark. Many kinds of video formats are supported by the software and users can export the videos in those formats also. The software comes with video tutorials and videos which help in making videos perfect.

Pinnacle Studio:

Pinnacle Systems is an American company which specializes in video hardware and software applications. Pinnacle Studio is released by this company. The software is used by many media industries and film movie makers. The editors come with many user-friendly applications. Features like filtering, rendering and adding tiles are supported by the editor. It also works as a video converter that can convert VHS to DVD format. Multicam feature is another feature that helps you create unboxing videos and multi-camera tutorials.

Top 10 Video Editors for Windows

Software can create 360-degree videos if you are into VR thing. It supports many video file formats like MP4 etc. Editing in 4K resolution is also available. Users can export their edited videos to the web and also on Social media sites. The application is easy to use and can be learned in no time.


Movavi is a software that is worthy enough to be on the list due to its features and tricks. The software is easy to use and offers a lot of filters to work on. Users can create amazing videos using this software. Movavi is a cloud-based software that means users can upload videos from anywhere in the world and can work on them from any device. Users can also add vector images and shapes in their videos to make them look cool.

Top 10 Video Editors for Windows

Movavi is a basic video editing tool with a friendly user-interface. Just place the images and it will create videos automatically. Collages can also be made in this software. Users can also add or remove music from the selected videos. Picture-in-picture features let you add another video over the main video. Users can also zoom out the video for details. Video stabilizers can be turned on if the video has a lot of bumps.

HitFilm Express:

HilFilm Express is used for professional editing videos. The software is well known in the media industries. The industry uses it to add VFX effects in the movies. It comes with a ton of tools that helps the creator create amazing results. Users can add animations and filters without needing to make composite shots. It also allows you to add unlimited video or audio music. tracking of objects is also possible so that the editor can track objects. It also supports .ma format which is used for 3D camera.

Top 10 Video Editors for Windows

The software comes with HI-Fi color creating features that help to adjust colors of the video. it also contains special effects so that the user can add these effects on special entry. Many types of Video formats like  AVI, MOV, MP4 are supported by the software. Users can also export file in their desired format. the editor is easy to use because newly vloggers and students start their work on this software.


If you are a video editor who can handle daily video editing tasks then VideoPad for you. the editor is easy to use. Anyone with no experience can handle this software. Software is good for beginners and new users. It has organized tabs so that users can reach wherever they want when editing. Interface does not contain complicated buttons and offers a simple usage.

Top 10 Video Editors for Windows

VideoPad contains a lot of features like trimming and cutting. Filters can also be added. Editors can also edit full 360-degree videos.3D text on 360-degree is a little bit tricky but VideoPad makes it easier to add that on video.


There are many applications/softwares available that can be used to edit videos. These softwares offer a lot of features. Some are free and some require payment. They all differ in their features and tricks. The listed softwares are for PC and according to me are easier to use than the ones not listed.