Top 5 Drawing Apps for Android & iOS

Drawing is the most common activity people use to pass time. Some even use it as a passion. Previously people used to draw doodles and stuff on drawing board. Then came the revolution of drawing on PCs. Artists started to shift towards these because these software were easy to use. Users can draw anything without needing to takeout drawing boards.

Since the release of smartphones, illustrators started to move towards mobile applications. The advantage of these applications was, phones were easy to carry and applications were easy to use. With the release of new and advance smartphones artistic user creativity started to touch the skyline

Top 5 Drawing Apps for Android & iOS:

There are many apps that can be used to create art. Some excel in graphic illustrations, other in vector images. These apps let you create content according to your requirements. Some of these apps are drawing apps, sketch apps and color fill app. These tools have a lot of features e.g. color filling, watermark removing, etc. With that many features in different apps, It makes it difficult to choose the desiring app. We are here to tell you about the top 5 drawing apps for Android and iOS.

Adobe Illustrator Draw:

Adobe illustrator draw is an application that is made by Adobe. The app lets you create vector images. Users can also create multiple layers and drawing images. It has full layer support just like the desktop version. You also have the option of using 5 different pen tips with adjustable size and opacity.

top 5 best drawing apps for android and iOS

The app is capable of sending the drawn image to the Photoshop desktop client. Users can export the image to other devices also. The application also has cloud services like Adobe Stock & CREATIVESYNC. The app is available on android and on iOS.


  • zoom up to 64x
  • Rename, duplicate, merge and adjust each individual layer
  • insert shape stencils


ArtRage is created by Ambient Design Ltd. The app provides you with tools that work like magic in drawing images and painting. Every tool in the app copy real-world scenarios e.g. pencil softners and paint thinners. Users can also find a number of canvases, crayons, and brushes.

top 5 best drawing apps for android and iOS

The application comes with the feature of creating custom tools. Along with that ArtRage consist of digital features like fill tool and the ability to draw and trace images. Interface of the application is user-friendly and it also contains manuals and tutorials for a new user. The app is available on Google Playstore and iOS.


  • Adding unlimited Layers.
  • Blending under the brush.

ibis Paint X:

Another app which is worthy enough to be on the list is ibis Paint X. The app is developed by ibis Inc. The company has made the apps as user-friendly as it can. Paint X consists of over 312 brushes and 58 filters to choose from. It also contains 27 blending modes so that the user can give a touch according to him/her.

top 5 best drawing apps for android and iOS

The app lets you create the image and share that image with other users for an opinion. The user can work on a smooth drawing for up to 60 frames per second. There is no limit on adding layers and parameters of layers can also be adjusted. The application is available on Android for free with in-app purchases.


  • Sliders that allow you to adjust brush thickness
  • Recording your drawing process as a video
  • Tutorials and Youtube videos

MediBang Paint:

MediBang Paint is an another app for illustrators. The app is developed by MediBang Incorporation. The primary purpose of this app is for comic creation. Users can use different tools to create artistic images and comics. It contains tools like backgrounds, cloud fonts, and artistic imagery screen tones.

top 5 best drawing apps for android and iOS

The android version comes with drawing accordingly while having features of the desktop version. The app also has a cloud sharing option so that users can transfer the projects between different platforms. Application is available on Android, Windows, Mac, and iPhone for free (with in-app purchases)


  • Contains pre-made backgrounds
  • Free access to cloud storage
  • Changing color in HSV mode

Autodesk SketchBook:

This app is made by Autodesk (the maker of Autocad). The application specifically focuses on sketching. Artists can use different pencils and brushes to draw images and sketches.  The program is not for photo editing, so it focuses on what users want to draw and fill with color. App also comes with a variety of gestures for easy control of image.

top 5 best drawing apps for android and iOS

Users can also export their project in JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and PSD format. This makes it easier to edit it in different software. It also includes the Copic Color feature to enhance your picture quality. SketchBook is available on both Android and iOS. Previously the app was paid in both platforms but now the company has released a version free of cost.


  • 100 mpx canvas
  • Camera scanning
  • Predictive stroke technology


There are many other apps that are capable of drawing and creating vector images. Some of them are free. Some have to be purchased and some have in-app purchases. As talking in the light of an artist or an illustrator these are the 5 best apps for drawing available on android and on iOS.