Top 8 Video Streaming Apps For Android

People like to pass their free time. Some prefer doing sports. Others like to work. There are some people who like to watch movies. Before the era of smartphones, Movies were watched on big TV or Cinema screens only.

Since the release of smartphones, the life of an ordinary person has become easy. Due to the grasp of smartphones, user has started to perform most of their tasks on them. These tasks also include watching movies on phones. This makes a user easier to carry smartphones and watch movies. Users can now watch multiple movies on phones without needing to carry large screens and laptops.

There are many applications which can be used to watch movies on phones. These apps contain a lot of movies. Apps also have genres and users can select movies from them. The apps along with smartphones have changed the concept of watching movies. Users can carry multiple movies and can watch those movies anywhere they want.

Only an internet connection is required for the applications. Some of the applications also have a feature of downloading the movie which enables one not to have an internet connection during playing. Now users can watch any movies or in fact TV-series without missing a single episode.

Top 8 Video Streaming Apps For Android:

There are many streaming applications for android. These applications let you watch tv-series or movies on android phones. The applications have a lot of features and extra perks e.g. dark mode etc. Some of these applications are region locked meaning some are not available in a specific country.

best video streaming apps for Android

The listed applications also have a feature of streaming in 4K resolution. Now every detail of the video can be seen on your smartphones. Some applications are free. Others require a subscription so that other features can be unlocked. Here are the listed Top 8 Video Streaming Apps for Android.


Coming First on the list is Netflix. Netflix was released by Reed hastings. the streaming service enables users to watch movies and other videos on smartphones, laptops, televisions. The company is the seventh-largest internet company. Netflix provides a lot of content to watch. There are many choices to watch from. Netflix has also released the “Netflix original content” section. The sections contain movies and tv shows released by the company. Here are the Top 10 Movies To Watch On Netflix[2020]

The application lets a user stream the movie in high resolution. A good internet connection is required for the feature to work perfectly. Users can enjoy this application from anywhere they want. Netflix application is available on android. It can be downloaded freely. Users need a subscription fee in order for the application to work. Don’t worry the first month of the service is free. If you don’t like it, you can cancel the subscription. The application is available in almost all over the world.

Amazon Prime Video:

Second, on the list is Amazon Prime Video. The service provides you with video streaming and is owned by Amazon. The service was launched in 2006 and since then it is providing good content. The application has a lot of movies and tv series options. Many of the famous movies and shows are available on this application. Users can also stream music on this application also. The service has a lot of categories so that the user can watch movies accordingly.

Top 8 Video Streaming Apps For Android

Prime video lets the user stream the movies and tv series in 4K quality. HDR streaming is also available. The application is easy to use and has a good user interface. The application is available for free on the Play Store. It also requires a membership subscription fee. The app and its service is available in many countries


Vudu is the third application on this list. The service lets you watch movies on smartphones and as well as on PC. There are over 100,000 titles in this service. Users can select movies from categories. Many of high rated TV shows are also available on this service.

Top 8 Video Streaming Apps For Android

The app lets a user stream and download movies in 4K ultra HD resolution. Users can also get their favorite tv shows on-demand if they are not available on the service. Users can also enjoy Dolby Atmos sound quality on their phones using the application. The community-join feature is also available so that you can refer or be referred a good movie. The app is available on Google Play Store and it is free of cost. If you want to rent a movie, you will have to pay for that.


Show is another video streaming application available. The application lets you watch many of the titles and tv shows released. The movies are also divided into sections so that the user can select from category. One thing about the app is that it contains no ads. Users can now watch movies tv shows and movies free of ads

Top 8 Video Streaming Apps For Android

ShowBox is available on Android as an APK file. The application has to download and installed using the manual method. The application is free. It also supports 4K streaming. Users can also add subtitles. Downloading the movie option is also available. It also supports music streaming.


Hulu is an American application released by Walt Disney. The application lets you stream favorite movies and tv shows. The service has a lot of famous movies and high rated tv shows like South park. Hulu also has its “original content” and has released a number of tv shows.

Top 8 Video Streaming Apps For Android

The app is available on android. The subscription has to be bought. Hulu offers two types of subscriptions an ad-free service and ad service. Obviously the price of both package differ.


Another one on the list is SnagFilms. The application has a lot of movies, tv shows, and comedy content. There are over 5000 titles available on this app. The service also includes documentaries by National geographics. Users of this app can also share their movies on twitter and on Facebook. It also allows you to sync your movies on phones and other devices.

Top 8 Video Streaming Apps For Android

Snagfilms application is available on Play Store. The application is free and is available in most of the world. The application does not require any kind of subscriptions or membership.


Iflix is another application worthy of being in the list. The application offers a lot of media content to watch. The user interface of the application is easy to use. The service also has a search bar so that the user can search for their favorite movies.  Service has divided its content into categories. TV shows and music videos are also available on the application. You can also watch content on PC as it offers it services on the website. There is a lot of content available free on the application and on PC.

Top 8 Video Streaming Apps For Android

The application is available free on the android market. Some of the movies are not free, and they can be purchased. High-resolution video streaming is also available. Users can also download movies and tv shows.

Cartoon HD:

Cartoon HD is an application on which movies can be watched. Many of the new releases are available on this application. There are a lot of movies that are rated good on IMDB available on this application. Movies can be streamed and can be downloaded on the device. The quality of the movies is up to standard. The service also offers to save the movies in a wishlist.

The application is available on android. It has to downloaded manually as an APK. The application is not available on google play store.


There are many applications that are available on android capable of streaming movies and TV shows. The applications differ in their features and advantages. The listed applications above are according to my point of view. I have used these applications and their results are up to expectations.