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How To Turn Off & Disable Google Now

Google now is a great attempt to personalize the experience of your phone by getting to know you and how you use your phone. If we say that Google now is the other version of Siri but it has much more to offer. Apart from setting reminders, and asking basic questions about weather, Google Now learns about you and your habits. It provides you real-time information regarding sport, news, weather, and traffic etc.  as there are some people for whom this is of a great thing that helps people to access the application, sports results, news, traffic information, or other host things. And for some people, it is a complete privacy invader that has nothing to with the phones.

Today we will be sharing with a short that you can use to disable Google Now.

How to Turn Off & Disable Google Now

How To Turn Off & Disable Google Now

Google now is specifically designed to add value to your android phone. It helps you in providing information which is based on apps that you have opened at that time. You just need to press the home button of your phone’s home screen the Google Now card will appear at the bottom of the screen. Some users really like this extra feature while there are some who are on the other side of the story.

The news is circulating that Google Now will soon be removed from Google Play Store is now phased out but maybe it is a good time to remove it from Google Play Store yourself and we will help you out here to disable Google Now. There are various ways to Disable Google Now and it all depends on the device type. For example. If you are using a smartphone manufacturer like TouchWiz, in that case, You need to Google Now will not be enabled and you need to enable it yourself. If you are using a pixel or Nexus phone that is running on Marshmallow, in that case, Google Now is enabled by default.

Follow the below steps carefully to disable Google Now.

Steps for phones with manufacturer overlay

  • Select Apps and Google
  • Select the Google icon and at the top left, three menu lines
  • Select your Feed
  • In the next window toggle it to off.

Steps for phones without manufacturer overlay

  • Hold your phone’s home button to access Google Now
  • Click on 3 menu dots at the bottom of the screen
  • Access Settings and then select Now and toggle the option to off

After successfully disabling Google Now, if you hold your phone’s home button you will notice the old version of Google Now.

Now you learned how to disable Google Now. If you prefer not using Google Now then you can easily disable this and we have explained to you above on you can do this. If you still face any problem feel free to mention that in the comments we would love to help you out.