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Update $329 iPad TO Retain Touch ID and Headphone Jack

According to the supply chain blog Macotakara reports today that Apple is preparing to release a new iPad (7th generation) and this is the next generation model of iPad. The report says that in 2019 iPad it also retains both the headphone jack and Touch ID like the older model of iPad have (same one) and the size of the headphone jack is 3.5mm.

apple-ipad-mini-4It is also possible that like the headphone jack and Touch ID are same the design of the next generation iPad is also the same as the previous one (iPad Pro). We cannot expect to Apple that they change the design of iPad (7th generation) and it also not necessarily surprising as the purpose of 9.7 inch iPad is the low-cost iPad variant. There is also a possibility that Apple company release iPad (7th generation) at the same time with iPad mini 5.

In December 21, 2018, a report was published about Apple iPad saying that there is no physical appearance change in next-generation iPad ($329 iPad) it’s just a slight change in the size of iPad which is 9.7 inch iPad will become 10 inches in year 2019.it is also reported that this iPad go into production before the end of December 2018 and launched within the first couple of months of 2019.

Apple-iPad-9.7-inch-32GB-20181According to the first report there is no news about the release date of the new iPad (7th generation) it’s just said that Apple preparing for the launch of a new device and according to the 2nd report it is said that Apple will launch new iPad (7th generation) in 1st couple of months of 2019 and in another report it is said that Apple is planning a new iPad mini5 and iPad 10 inches as well and they are planning to release both of them at same time which is possibly at the end of March 2019 it may also bring Air Pods 2.

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Apple is also rumored that it also possible at the end of this month the company launch Apple streaming TV and a Premium news service with popular celebrities, it’s expected that Apple could release both new iPad models via a press release around that same time.