Best Ways to Update Google Play Store

Following are the best ways you can find to Update Google Play Store. You can use these methods to update Google Play on low-end Android devices.

Best Ways to Update Google Play Store

A user can easily download apps through Google Play Store that is the main gateway available for android phones. Formerly known as Android Market is become the official app store that provides multiple books, music, movies, and magazines other than just apps.

Like any other app in the market that can be updated whenever and wherever however Google provides many ways to update the play store as it updates the play store in the background automatically.

But as for some reasons it sometimes might stop working or will not be able to update it automatically that creates a problem as some of the won’t be downloaded because of the old version.

If some of these cases occur, the user either need to update it manually or force it to have un update. Yes, the alternative ways to update the Play store that is what we will be going to encounter today.


As we discussed earlier that Google play store updates automatically but if this does not work. You can also update it by following some of the steps that are explained below.

Step 1: Go to the play store app on your phone. At the top left corner tap the three-bar menu and then select settings.

Step 2: Then from the setting page scroll down to check for the play store version. If there is an update available tap on it, it will start updating the Play store. If you are already using the updated version of the play store then you will see a notification that “Google Play Store I sup to date”.


There is another way to update Play store automatically is clear up all the data and when are done doing that Google automatically looks for the updates.

You need to follow some steps to clear up the data

Step 1: Go to settings in your phone by tapping the settings options or going from the quick menu.

Step 2: Depending on what phone you are using you will see options like Apps or Application Manager or Installed Apps just tap it and look for the Google Play Store and tap it again.

Step 3: Tap on storage in the App info and hit the Clear Storage option.

Step 4:  And lastly restart your phone and wait for about 1-2 minutes or maybe 3 to let it update automatically.


If the methods explained above completely fail to work for you can just need to install the APK of Google play store manually to update it.

Step 1: To install the unknown apps give permission first

So, it is an external source from where we need to update Google Play Store and the majority of Android phones require to allow to a device to install the unknown apps as asking for the permission is necessary for some privacy reasons.

The steps explained below might differ from the pre-Oreo devices to post-Oreo. But you don’t need to worry about this as we are coving both.

To install APK Files (For Pre-Oreo Devices)

Step 1: Go to the Settings and click on privacy or security.

Update Google Play Store

Step 2: look for the unknown sources option and click it and also confirm the option from the pop-up.

Update Google Play Store

Install APK Files (Oreo, Android P etc.)

Step 1: Select Apps and notification from settings.

Update Google Play Store

Step 2: Click on social App access from the app and notification options.

Step 3: Then click on install unknown apps options.

Step 4: If you successfully downloaded the files from chrome browser then click on chrome option, other than that click on any browser you see an option for then turn the toggle shown on screen “Allow from this source”.

Step 2: Check for Latest Play Store APK

One of our favorite websites APK mirror is having a huge number of files that includes the Google Play Store as well. They add the latest files and updates from time to time.

Update Google Play Store
Update Google Play Store

You need to first download the APK files from this website. Look for the new version and scroll down the section of download and look for your required file and download it.

Step 3: APK Installation

After successfully downloading the files of APK files and enabling the required permission, click on the file and install it.

That is it. The list of the required things that you require to do.

Update Google Play Store
Update Google Play Store


If in the play store, auto update is on that all the will automatically update. People who don’t have enough data connection access might don’t like this automatic update for the apps that are already being installed. They might want to update them manually when they require it and for the selected apps only.

To turn off the auto update option you need to follow some simple steps given below.

Step 1: Go to the Google Play store app and select the 3-bar menu option placed at the top left corner after that click settings.

Step 2: From the setting option click on auto-update apps. A pop up will appear with an option to choose. One is Do not auto-update and the other is Auto updates apps over Wifi only.

So, that is all. The three Methods or tips to update the Play Store App on your device without any hurdle.