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Update to Gboard makes it more visually appealing


Google pushes an update to the Gboard virtual keyboard app for Android users. The update includes support for Emoji 12.0, but only for those phones that are running on Android Q. Some of the new emojis available include an otter, a falafel, a manual wheelchair, a service dog, an electric wheelchair and a butter bar. Those in the healthcare industry will definitely use the stethoscope and the drop of blood emoji. The Unicode Consortium, which includes members like Apple, Microsoft, and Huawei introduced Emoji 12.0 last February.

Updated Features in Gboard

The other new features mentioned in the update include the ability to delete the search history with a long press, vertical scrolling for emojis and adhesive expression stickers (although some have already had this feature for some time), quick access to notes, sticky preferences for emoji skin tone and gender, and for dictionary, the ability to import / export custom words.

gboard update

A new feature that is not mentioned in the list of changes now matches the color of the Gboard navigation bar with the theme you selected for virtual QWERTY. Previously, the bar could only be white or black so anyone using Gboard could find a visual improvement.

We received this update literally a few minutes before we started writing this article. Check if you have reached your phone by opening the Google Play Store. Once the task is complete, tap the hamburger menu on the left side of the search bar. Click My apps and games and review the apps that are queued for the update. If Gboard is between them, tap the update box on the right, wait for it to install and the next time you’re ready to write, you can see the changes.

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