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How To Use Google Translate Offline On Your Phone

The Google translator is not just a web service. There are official smartphone apps for the service that can translate both words and texts. You can take a picture of the text and the app will also translate it through the OCR function. Because the app uses a Web service, it is logical that an active Internet connection is required to use it. If you’re using Google’s translator on the go, it may not always be online. In this case, it’s best if you can use the Google translator offline. To do this, you need to download a language pack.

Google Translate Offline

The language pack must obviously be downloaded before starting. If you need to translate into multiple languages, you must download a language pack for each one. That’s how.

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Google Translate offline

  1. Open the Google Translate app.
  2. Go to the Settings tab and tap the Offline translation button.
  3. On the offline translation screen, tap the plus button.
  4. Search for the language you want to translate offline.
  5. Select it from the list and tap the Download button. You must wait for the download of the language pack to complete before leaving.

If you log out before the language pack is completely downloaded, you cannot use the app offline.

It works on both iOS and Android versions of the apps. If you have a device with little space, you can always delete the translated packages downloaded later. To delete a downloaded language, go to the offline translation screen and you will see the trash icon next to the downloaded language. Touch it and the language will be deleted.

The downloaded language allows you to translate the speech as well as the written and photographed text. For a certain period of time, the language pack will meet your needs, however, language packs are updated periodically. It is a good idea to double-check and install the available updates. The update will provide better and more accurate translations for both the voice and the text.

The translations will be bi-directional; You can translate from your main language into another and vice versa. It is ideal for when you travel or if you are learning a second language. You can translate between downloaded languages.

You must mention that if you are trying to use the OCR function for translation, make sure it is compatible with the selected language. If the text is not translated, it could be because the text is not clear.


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