How to Use PicsArt for Instagram – Best pictures for Insta

Social media active users always want to upload the perfect clicks for Instagram. It is a fact that phone stock camera apps don’t put the true colors in pictures. They can click the best moments but can’t make those presentable like third party apps. That’s why there are large number of users who prefer to use third party camera apps over stock apps. In the list of the best Camera and photo editor apps for Android, PicsArt stands among the top ones.

PicsArt app is mainly used by the Instagram users. Other social network users like FB, Snapchat also use it. But, the area of interest is Instagram. PicsArt is surely the best companion app for Instagram. There is a reason behind it and that is Instagram is all about Pictures and videos, either you upload them as a story or as a post.

Use PicsArt for Instagram:

I am personally using PicsArt since 2018 and found this app quite handy. The only drawback was the PicsArt Watermark but you can remove that by purchasing the App pro version. Today, I will guide you how to use PicsArt with Instagram. Also, you will see the tips and tricks to make your pictures perfect to upload on Instagram.

Install PicsArt for Android or iOS:

It depends on which device you want to use PicsArt, If you are iOS user than you can install PicsArt on iPhone through Apple App Store. And, if you love Android than grab the PicsArt from Google Play Store.

PicsArt services are paid now. Because of the app popularity and clarity the developers have kept the subscriptions rate damn high. For the testing, users will get the free trial time period of 3 days. App itself is free to download and use.

Now the main task is you have to capture or prepare a image which you want to edit. The best resolution for an Instagram Picture is minimum 1500 pixels or above. It is our recommendation, not Instagram limitation.

PicsArt Tips and Tricks to use it for Social Media:

Here are the key tips and tricks through which you can enhance your pictures. Instagram’s users must try these. Maybe these aspects will increase your Instagram Followers and Likes.


Once the car comes out of fresh detailing its looks ravishing. Same goes with the pictures. Just need a little detailing and your Insta pictures will hit the hearts.

To Detail your pictures like a Pro for Instagram, PicsArt offers such features. Try these tricks and your Instagram pictures will be on another level.

  • Open the PicsArt app, Capture the picture using PicsArt camera. Or, upload the already taken picture from phone Gallery.
  • At the bottom of editor there will be beauty icon, tap on it. Now choose the detailing option like to change lashes aim them. Make them more appealing and give them a good finishing.

Teeth Cleaning:

People who have a habit of capturing pictures with teeth smile must use this pictures. Due to smoking, Coffee, Tea or chocolates your teeth color changes and its looks pale. Yellow teeth are the most hated component of any person’s personality. They don’t look good either live to in pictures. That’s why all top-notch photo editors have teeth whitening options. This feature remove the pale color from teeth and make them brighten whitening.

To make your teeth from pale to white on PicsArt you have to follow these steps.

  1. Launch the PicsArt app on your Smartphone.
  2. Open the Editor in app and upload the photo on which you want to do Teeth Whitening.
  3. Select the beauty option from bottom of PicsArt Editor.
  4. Select the Teeth Whiten option. Now swipe to select the color tone and Teeth structure.

Add Cool Filters, Effects and Backgrounds:

If you think your picture don’t have a presentable background than you can change that through PicsArt. This app is enriched with custom-made backgrounds and beautiful destination wallpapers. Editing level is extremely Pro. Maybe only a highly professional photographer or graphic designer can catch the editing. Otherwise, Random People on Instagram will not be able to judge that the background in manipulated.

Effects and filters play the major role in the picture presentation. One single effect can convert the average picture into a highly detailed click. It seems like that PicsArt effects and filters are inspired by the Snapchat and Instagram Filters. They are worth to be used. Each and every Filter is so damn Perfect. Even person gets confused which filter they should apply on their pictures.

After the complete editing you can save the picture in your Gallery. Or you can directly share it on Instagram.

It’s time to upload on Instagram:

Now its time that you can upload a complete picture on Instagram. Even if you want to directly share the picture on Instagram it’s your choice, but we recommend saving picture first than upload. So, that you can also share that picture later on Facebook or Snapchat too.

Uploading Picture on Instagram is easy. But, it’s important to select a suitable caption according to the picture. So, select those words which can attract the viewers. Secondly use the trending Hashtags on Instagram. Some top trending Hashtags on Instagram are;

#love, #instagood, #photooftheday, #fashion, #beautiful, #happy, #cute, #tbt, #like4like, #followme, #picoftheday, #follow, #me, #selfie, #summer, #art, #instadaily, #friends, #repost, #nature, #girl, #fun, #style, #smile, #food.

Select any of these top hashtags and insert your Own Custom ads. Now your Instagram photo is ready to share with the followers. Trust me! If you Instagram photos are wonderful that there is no reason why your Instagram followers don’t increase.

That’s all from us! There are many apps which increase Insta followers. But, the joy present in original increment can’t be found in fake stats. If you need any further tips to increase your Instagram Followers, likes or comments than contact us through below comment box.