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How to Watch IMDb TV Outside of US

IMDb is the beloved platform for media lovers. People who love to stay tuned to the present activities of Hollywood, they prefer using IMDb. Becasue here, you can find a whole community of Hollywood fans. Even most of the time, some users visit this media rating platform on a daily purpose. So they can know more about their favorite film industry.

Watch IMDb TV Outside of US

In the past few days, people use to watch reviews in IMDb and then go visit other media platforms to watch free movies. So now, you can watch all your desired movies & TV shows via IMDb Tv. But for now, this service is only available for United States users. So here, I’ll introduce a way to Watch IMDb TV Outside of the US. It’s a simple trick, which you can imply without much of a hassle.

What Movies & TV Shows Are Available on IMDb TV?

While Netflix & Hulu are ruling the live streaming world, IMDb has come up with an idea to deliver free services for online users. Because for now, all the good media streaming platforms are paid and sometimes, it costs you a fortune to access their services. That’s why now people are gifted with IMDb TV. Where they can watch online shows & movies without spending a penny.

Here on IMDb TV, you can watch all sorts of movies & TV shows. All-time favorite movies, new releases and even the TV shows that are presently aired on live Channels. And even now free live streaming services are not illegal, but only if you are using IMDb Tv for that cause. Because the company has bought media from the owners, and the online ads are served to you while live streaming on IMDB TV.

Are Parental Controls Available on IMDB TV?

The only disadvantage of IMDB TV is that there are no Parental Controls in it. So now you can’t allow your kids to watch movies from it while you are away. However, there is a variety of kids movies & cartoons available in it, but you wanna be near your toddlers while they are watching media files from it.

Though, there is no possible way of enabling parental control in IMDb TV, if you are using it on your Web browser. But if you are using a smartphone app, then you can enable the Google Play Parental Controls option. It seems like, it’s not a loss at all, and parents can still allow their kids to use this platform.

How to Watch IMDb TV Outside of US

There are some differences in using IMDb on a web browser and using its app. Even most smartphone users think that its services are not available for them. But such users are unaware of the fact that it’s available, but it’s blocked on their local IP address. So here, we will talk about using IMDb TV Outside of the US, on PC & smartphones.

Watch IMDb TV Outside of US

Watch IMDB TV on PC

  1. Visit the official IMDb Tv website on your PC’s web browser.
  2. If you are seeing an error and IMDb Tv is telling that, its services are only available for US users, then it’s ok.
  3. You need to get a VPN for PC and install it.
  4. After you have installed the VPN, connect it to a US server.
  5. Now that you are connected with an American IP, visit the same IMDb Tv website on your web browser.
  6. Now register for a new account, and forget about the same old IMDb Tv account.
  7. When the registration process is completed, confirm your account from the email you entered in IMDb Tv forums.
  8. Now you’ll be able to watch IMDb TV outside of the US for free.

Watch IMDb TV on Smartphones

  • First of all, install the IMDB app on your smartphone. (Android, iOS)
  • Don’t open it yet, instead, open a web browser on your phone.
  • Now get a VPN for smartphones and visit the IMDb Tv website on the web browser.
  • After connecting the VPN with a US location, navigate to the IMDb TV website on browser and register for a new account.
  • When you have registered successfully, open a media file like a movie or TV show and you will be redirected to the IMDb TV app.
  • Now you can watch IMDb TV outside of the US via smartphone.

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