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watchOS 6 Concept Envisions Automatic Watch Faces and more Activity Rings

watchOS 6

when Apple started WWDC 2019 off in June, all eyes were on what iOS 13 and macOS 10.15 will have to offer, as expectations are growing that this could be a huge year for both. During the events, there will be other software updates as well however, with watchOS 6 being one of them. Now we’ve been heading towards a new concept of what that could look like.

The concept of watchOS 6 comes courtesy of Jake Sworski and shows some of the features that Apple Watch owners would surely welcome if they made their way into this update.

Automatic Watch Faces and Activity Rings

If we talk about the features, there’s one that we hadn’t really thought of before, but now we have to and we’d love to see it implemented. The feature that we are talking about is the use of automatic watch faces, which would see Apple Watch switch watch face based on the time of day or the location of the user.

There is another feature that is expanded is Activity Rings, along with more monitoring features gaining rings. Sleep tracking is one area that we are expecting to see this happen, especially if sleep tracking is indeed going to receive some focus this year as it has been rumored.

There are, of course, some other changes that the concept shows and it also includes a feature that allows users to lock, ping, or even locate their paired iPhones as well as a revised suite of apps that will cover Calendar, Safari, Notes, and more. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing watchOS did something, there is a chance that it might be the part of this concept.

Other than this concept, we’ll probably see more of what Apple has in store for us when WWDC kicks into gear this June, with a more refreshed hardware lineup likely to arrive later in the year.

(Source: Jake Sworski [Behance])

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